Redefining the banking experience

How a bank supercharges client experience with GetFeedback for Salesforce.

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The insights we’ve received from GetFeedback clearly tell us what we have to do. By learning about our customers, feedback is becoming part of our culture and how we operate.

–Larry Levine, director of client experience, Peapack-Gladstone Bank

Industry-leading customer experience and satisfaction


Net Promoter Score®

(NPS) achieved


increase in NPS

in just 12 months


above the industry average

for NPS


Continuing to delight their customers as they shift to online banking

After a century in business managing nearly $4 billion in assets, Peapack-Gladstone Bank knew that client experience was key to its success. As client interactions were increasingly moving online, bankers needed a better way to monitor the health of client relationships.


Feedback integrated with their existing systems

The bank launched a client feedback programme using GetFeedback’s Salesforce integration and custom workflows to swiftly identify and remedy client issues.

The right follow-up actions at the right time

Each NPS response maps directly back to the contact record, so bankers have visibility into every piece of client feedback. If a client’s NPS is 6 or below, a case is automatically opened in Salesforce so a dedicated banker can follow up.

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Continually optimising the new client experience

Automated onboarding feedback in GetFeedback provides insight into clients’ initial experience with the bank. This data helps to ensure that every new relationship begins with a solid foundation and an exceptional first experience.

Insights that drive improvements in employee performance

With insight into their highest performing bankers, Peapack-Gladstone organises training programmes for client-facing staff to teach the behaviours and activities that promote client satisfaction and impact its NPS.

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Setting the industry standard

After just one year, Peapack-Gladstone Bank achieved an NPS that is 62% higher than the industry average. Given this success, regular insight now directly shapes the way the bank interacts with clients.

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Now that we have our client feedback in Salesforce, we can sort it by department, by branch or by business line and take action on a daily basis.

–Scott Searle, Salesforce administrator, Peapack-Gladstone Bank

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