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Salesforce integration


Connect customer feedback with Salesforce data. Increase response rates and drive better business decisions by surveying customers after key interactions, alerting stakeholders and enabling swift action.

Google Analytics integration

Google Analytics

Understand your website's numbers by integrating GetFeedback with Google Analytics. Push custom events to Google Analytics, which you can include in custom reports and dashboard widgets.

Slack integration


Make feedback actionable by setting up Slack notifications. Notify the right individuals and teams to time-sensitive feedback so they can follow up.

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Zendesk integration


Send feedback directly to your customer support tool. When a visitor leaves feedback with an email address, the info is sent to Zendesk automatically.

Jira integration


Are visitors reporting bugs on your site with GetFeedback? Keep bug reports in one place by pushing them to Jira with one click (or automate it).

ContentSquare integration


Visualise web and app behaviours to improve engagement, conversion and revenue. Use feedback as a prompt and link to the relevant session recording so you can analyse user journeys. Track mouse movements, scrolling and clicks on your site.

Webhooks integration


Integrate GetFeedback with a wide range of other web apps such as Salesforce, Google Apps and HubSpot. Through this integration, feedback items can automatically be uploaded to and processed in another web app.

Acoustic integration


Connect your feedback items to their relevant session recording. Capture, analyse and replay details of customer visits to find site errors or issues.

Chattermill integration


Get a better understanding of the most important topics your customers talk about. Maximise your customer feedback data via GetFeedback.

Adobe integration

Adobe Analytics

Measure GetFeedback responses and survey events in Adobe Analytics. Get an overview by connecting your feedback form questions and replies to your metrics.

Zapier integration


Automatically upload feedback and process it in another web app. Integrate GetFeedback with many web apps like Salesforce, Google Apps and HubSpot.

Decibel integration


Pair feedback items with session replays to deeply understand the user journey. Trigger surveys based on real-time behaviour with mouse tracking.

Optimizely integration


Combine qualitative and quantitative insights to optimise your A/B testing. Let users tell you what to test and see how that impacts satisfaction. Plus, deliver a seamless digital experience.

Tealium integration


Gather data about visitor activity and improve the experience. Supplement feedback with rich data in real time using advanced tag management.

Google Tag Manager integration

Google Tag Manager

Implement feedback faster on digital channels by using Tag Manager. Easily define triggers, target surveys and collect feedback, including custom variables.

A/BTasty integration

A/B Tasty

Combine the power of A/B testing and feedback to understand customer preferences.

A CX platform that plays well with others

GetFeedback focuses on integrating feedback collection and feedback data into processes and tools your teams use every day. Our robust integration ecosystem helps companies easily trigger surveys and collect customer data for real-time customer insights. GetFeedback offers a more complete view of the customer experience by connecting feedback with apps that your organisation already uses.

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