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How Auto Trader sought to improve the customer journey with real-time insights

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GetFeedback's specific targeting options are a great way to gather insights efficiently without bothering all site users, but still obtain the high-value insights we need to continue improving the CX.

–Rob Chisholm, principal test analyst at Auto Trader

Real-time feedback improves the customer experience


NPS response goal met by targeting just 1% of website users


improvement in mobile NPS response targeting

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First customer response within 5 minutes


Understanding Customer Sentiment

To transform the digital customer experience and drive customer loyalty, Auto Trader needed a way to gain real-time insight into customers' technical site issues and automatically share them with the appropriate teams, speeding up resolution times and improving the customer experience.


Frictionless Feedback

Auto Trader recognised that GetFeedback is an agile solution that would allow them to run a rapid proof of concept on real-time bug reporting.

Valuable customer insights, quickly

In just a few hours, Rob deployed GetFeedback's 'feedback' button on the Auto Trader site and saw immediate value. The first responses came rolling in within 5 minutes, and the first bug was reported in 25 minutes.

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Holistic view into feedback

Auto Trader is capturing what users say across numerous pages, with GetFeedback deployed across the site. GetFeedback's auto-labelling feature helps Rob's team work even faster. GetFeedback filters, groups and labels the issues to make insights relevant and actionable.

Smart requests for response

Using GetFeedback's 'open cookie' feature, Auto Trader can request an NPS score from a user and know to not ask that user a second time. "Optimised feedback timing means we are not pestering a user multiple times in the same journey," says Rob.

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5,000 users do the work of 700,000

GetFeedback helps Auto Trader gather high-quality insights from customers far more efficiently. Auto Trader recently sought NPS feedback from just 5,000 users and received as many responses as they did when targeting 700,000 users with their old system. Similarly, Auto Trader is now able to target just 5% of mobile users versus 30% prior to GetFeedback.

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We can filter a ton of information and know the percentage of users highlighting a few key issues. Getting that information to relevant teams quicker means faster resolutions and happier customers.

–Rob Chisholm, principal test analyst at Auto Trader

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