YETI is trailblazing the customer experience with feedback

Outdoor gear manufacturer and retailer YETI turns to GetFeedback to supercharge their omnichannel feedback program and turn customer insights into actionable data.

For more than a decade, YETI has been a symbol of the outdoors lifestyle. With products like their bear-resistant Tundra coolers and drinkware that keep your coffee hot during snowfall, their business develops products you didn’t know you need. And they use GetFeedback to listen to their customers after every interaction. Whether it be after someone talks to a service representative or makes a purchase on their website, YETI customers instantly receive an invitation to provide feedback on their experience. Providing YETI with important metrics that help fortify customer loyalty, enhance the customer experience and improve agent training. Learn more about YETI’s story on our blog.

Thanks to GetFeedback, YETI saw a huge business impact.

Service experience feedback shapes agent coaching and helps boost performance.
Online purchase feedback fuels improvements in the digital experience and ease of interface.
Integrating feedback with Salesforce data bolsters Einstein Analytics' AI.
Christopher Hogan
Business Analytics & Modeling
It’s all about being where your customers are and being able to interact with them at the pace and the venue of their choice. That’s why we’ve set ourselves up with GetFeedback.

Service experience surveys give customers a voice

After every service interaction, customers receive a One-Touch Email survey that gives them a voice to share their experience and allows YETI to take immediate action based on feedback. Real-time survey responses give management the ability to recover customers instantly, helping reduce churn and improve loyalty.

Purchase satisfaction surveys help improve the e-commerce experience

YETI monitors the buyer’s journey through purchase satisfaction surveys. Customers are instantly greeted with an on-brand survey to share their online shopping experience after check-out. Feedback received helps to ensure the purchasing process is streamlined and effortless.

GetFeedback data makes Einstein Analytics even smarter

YETI merges GetFeedback insights with Salesforce data to turn Einstein Analytics into an AI powerhouse. By integrating feedback data onto the case and contact records, Einstein Analytics can then help offer informed suggestions quickly at the user level.

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