A customer feedback 'port of call'

Leveraging customer insights to deliver personalized ecommerce experiences.

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GetFeedback had a large influence on the decisions regarding the vision, position, and launch of our Healthbox initiative.

—Michelle Hodgson, digital optimization manager, Holland & Barrett


A multitude of customer journeys

Holland & Barrett offers a large variety of customizable health & wellness products and packages. The multifaceted nature of the retailer’s offerings and variety of customer personas made tracking customer journeys overwhelming. H&B needed in-depth visibility and insight to satisfy the needs of its customers.


A customer insight “port of call”

H&B captures customer feedback through in-page widgets and omnichannel surveys and shares the detailed insight with key stakeholders across the organization.

Identify and eliminate design flaws and bugs

Using GetFeedback’s customizable in-page widgets, H&B gathers real-time feedback to discover bugs and UX issues that prevent customers from making a purchase. By fixing a specific UX issue, H&B has seen improved conversion rates.

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Tap customer insight for successful product launches

Data from GetFeedback guides price and positioning. H&B found that customers doubted the nutritional value of their Healthbox subscription. By adding nutritionist testimonials, H&B built credibility and drastically increased conversions.

Communicate customer insights to multiple stakeholders

Every team at H&B uses customer feedback to optimize user journeys. With GetFeedback, H&B sets up automated emails to stakeholders with customized information that provides each team member with role-specific action items.

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Personalized customer experiences

GetFeedback serves as a guide for improvement in the customer experience, equipping every team at H&B with actionable data. H&B manages, tests, and iterates enhancements specific to individual buyer personas, ultimately creating stronger and more personalized purchasing experiences.

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