Capture feedback at every step in the journey

Send surveys via SMS

Send surveys to the right person at the right time

  • Quickly send surveys via email and SMS that match your brand look and feel.
  • Personalize surveys with customer data from Salesforce for a tailored experience that increases response rates.
  • Target the right audience based on customer attributes and behaviors from Salesforce and other systems.

Analyze customer feedback, all in one place

  • Bring feedback from all your channels together to quickly spot trends over time.
  • Build custom dashboards by brand, region, or channel and filter by any customer attribute.
  • View your global Net Promoter Score® (NPS), Customer Satisfaction Score (CSAT), Customer Effort Score (CES), or Goal Completion Rate (GCR) by aggregating scores across channels, regions and brands.

Understand the drivers of customer experience

  • See which aspects of your business impact customer experience the most with our key driver analysis.
  • Quickly identify areas of opportunity by correlating NPS with key touchpoints across the customer journey.
  • Track progress and improvement on touchpoints that impact customer loyalty.

Empower teams to take action in the systems they use

  • Ensure the right teams take action on time-sensitive feedback in the tools they use every day.
  • Send critical feedback through Slack, escalate technical issues in Jira, trigger customer follow-up in Salesforce, and more.
  • Push feedback data where you need through our flexible API.

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