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How KLM Royal Dutch Airlines created a fan-favorite app with customer insights.

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With GetFeedback, we can capture the Voice of the Customer to understand where and how we can improve, so we can increase the overall adoption and satisfaction of the app.

—Stijn Bannier, Product Manager Mobile, KLM Royal Dutch Airlines

Increased app usage and revenue


App store rating,

increased from 2.8 at launch


Active daily users

of the KLM app


More seats

sold per day


Enhancing the mobile experience

When the first iteration for the airline’s mobile app launched to mixed reviews, KLM needed a way to quickly understand what customers felt was missing from the app and identify bugs that were impacting the user experience. Ultimately, they needed to turn their minimum viable product into a minimum lovable product.


Tapping the Voice of the Customer

KLM implemented GetFeedback into the mobile app to collect and analyze both quantitative and qualitative in-app feedback without disrupting the user experience.

An agile platform to identify app bugs

Integrated feedback helps the development team trace issues to find the source of customer frustrations. The efficient process saves time, putting the focus on what matters: bug fixes and solutions that work and enhance customer experience.

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Deep understanding of the customer to prioritize features

With the qualitative data and demographic information from GetFeedback, KLM stays in tune with what different types of app users think, feel, and need from the app experience. New features and updates are prioritized based on this insight.

Customer-centric mindset team wide

The development team is able to drive alignment with other departments thanks to the in-app feedback; customer service can relay feedback they’re hearing and connect it to technical insight the development team gets from GetFeedback.

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A more lovable app experience

Since integrating GetFeedback, KLM is more in tune with their app user base and better able to continuously enhance their experience. The app has increased from a 2.8 star rating to a 4.2 one, and the app has been downloaded millions of times. Every day, more than 100,000 users log in to the app.

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GetFeedback helped us to improve our app and boost revenue.

—Stijn Bannier, Product Manager Mobile, KLM Royal Dutch Airlines

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