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What do others think about your product offering and your marketing strategy?

Knowing your audience is the key to success for marketers and product managers. The best way to acquire new customers - and to keep your existing customers - is to keep you finger on the pulse of your market. That means understanding how you'll win, why you're different, and why your customers will continue to buy from you over time. Marketers and product managers now have the ability to survey any audience, helping them understand the key factors that will lead to success. This includes understanding:

  • Which markets will be most effective?
  • What are the leading factors to consider a purchase?
  • Which product features are essential to success?
  • How will the marketing campaign be received?
  • How should we evolve the product over time?
  • Which messages resonate best with our audience?
  • How are we different from the competition?

Marketing and product surveys are a key component to understanding your audience and making the decisions necessary to help your product, and your business, succeed.

The Easiest Way to Connect with Your Market

Marketing and product surveys give you real-time feedback that your team craves

Marketing Surveys - Online Surveys as the New Focus Group

Marketers have always had a need to connect with their target audience. From in-person focus groups in the mad-men era, to telephone surveys in the '80s, to the online surveys of today. With GetFeedback, marketers now have a cost-effective way to reach out to any audience, on any device, and gather meaningful feedback. Before you launch your next big marketing campaign, take a moment to understand the potential size of your market, the product/market fit, and the campaign creative assets that will drive the highest response rates. Running a marketing survey with GetFeedback to a subset of your audience is a great way to understand what is resonating with your audience.

Product Surveys - Understand How Customers Feel About Your Product

You've created a great product, but how do your customers feel about using it every day? Whether you create a physical product, deliver a service, or run a web business, GetFeedback can help you connect with your customers to understand their wants and needs. GetFeedback helps product marketers and product managers understand how customers feel about product installation, product features, and what customers would like to see in the future. Sending a product feedback survey will help you gain the insights necessary to drive product improvement and increased sales.

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Marketing & Product Surveys: A Live Example

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Marketing & Product Survey Customization

With GetFeedback, you have complete control over your online survey, including branding, question types, and how you reach your audience.

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Marketing & Product Surveys, The New Focus Group

The most popular types of marketing and product surveys we've seen
  • Product Feedback Surveys:

    The most common type of product survey is general product feedback. A great tool for product managers, GetFeedback can help you understand what aspects of your product have hit the mark, and what needs to be improved.

  • Product Road Map Surveys:

    What capabilities should you include in the next version of your product? How about asking your customers and the market! GetFeedback allows you to survey your audience to help you make strategic product decisions.

  • Product Marketing Surveys:

    Product marketers need to determine how to message, price, and package a product and are faced with a myriad of decisions along the way. Online surveys are a great replacement for focus groups and a great way to help you hit a home run.

  • Market Research Surveys:

    Online survey tools like GetFeedback are a dream come true for market researchers, who need to keep their finger on the pulse of every age group, every geography, every competitor, and every opportunity. Good bye in-person focus groups and boring forms!

  • Marketing Campaign Surveys:

    Marketing campaigns and demand generation programs help fuel inbound leads and traffic for a business. Online survey tools such as GetFeedback help campaign managers separate the truly great campaigns that will drive new business.

  • Marketing Creative Surveys:

    Creative groups and marketing agencies often come up with 3 or more concepts before running a campaign. If your organization develops marketing assets such as images, photos, or video, GetFeedback is the perfect way to test.

  • Product Branding Surveys:

    Is your company launching a new corporate brand or a new product brand? Online surveys are the perfect way to gather feedback before launching your new brand to the world.

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