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Measure and understand user satisfaction at key moments in the customer journey

User attends event
When someone leaves your user conference, ask about their event experience. What were their favorite sessions and who were the best speakers?
User purchases software
Right after a user purchases your software, measure their overall buying experience and collect feedback on your sales team.
User onboards and implements
Connect with users after they've onboarded and implemented your product. Going forward, keep a pulse on the health of every account.
User interacts with tech support
Immediately after a user interacts with support, trigger a case closed survey to measure their experience.
Customer becomes a power user
When a customer has fully adopted your product, understand their feature wishlist, product pain points, and appetite to beta test.
Dreamforce attendee leaves conference
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Survey dreamforce 1 Survey dreamforce 2 Survey dreamforce 3 Survey dreamforce 4 Survey dreamforce 5 Survey dreamforce 6 Survey dreamforce footer
Dreamforce attendee leaves conference
Marketing Surveys

Connect with attendees and put on game changing events.

The High Tech industry delivers some of the world’s most disruptive events. User conferences have become a tech enthusiast’s playground to discover new products, get inspired and exchange ideas with peers. GetFeedback’s event surveys help you understand the event experience so that you can continue to deliver can’t miss events. Leading CRM company Salesforce is doing exactly that after their annual Dreamforce conference.

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BigCommerce Customer Signs an Enterprise Deal
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Survey bigcommerce Survey bigcommerce Survey bigcommerce footer
BigCommerce Customer Signs an Enterprise Deal
Sales Surveys

Perfect your software sales process and close more deals.

From discovery calls to product demonstrations, your sales team is engaging with prospects around the clock. But how do you analyze and evolve your process so that you can rise above the competition? GetFeedback’s opportunity won and lost surveys and purchase satisfaction surveys help you improve your sales experience and the bottom line. That’s why e-commerce platform BigCommerce is using GetFeedback to understand the buying experience immediately after a deal closes.

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Lifelock Customer Starts Membership
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Survey lifelock 1 Survey lifelock 2 Survey lifelock 3 Survey lifelock 4 Survey lifelock 5 Survey lifelock 6 Survey lifelock footer
Lifelock Customer Starts Membership
Customer Success Surveys

Have a constant pulse on account health and guarantee renewals.

Customer Success teams are the key to driving product adoption and renewals. GetFeedback’s Net Promoter Score® surveys and voice of the customer surveys arm you with the data you need to gauge the health of your accounts, identify red flags, and take action to increase loyalty and retention. Identity theft protection company Lifelock is doing this perfectly, measuring customer experience after new members interact with their team.

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GoPro Customer Interacts with Technical Support
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Survey gopro 1 Survey gopro 2 Survey gopro 3 Survey gopro 4 Survey gopro 5 Survey gopro 6 Survey gopro footer
GoPro Customer Interacts with Technical Support
Customer Service Surveys

Resolve issues at lightning speed and deliver world-class tech support.

GetFeedback helps you monitor customer satisfaction every time users interact with your support team. From case closed surveys to knowledge base article surveys in your community, GetFeedback gives you the insights you need to deliver a stellar support experience. Lifestyle photography company GoPro is measuring the support experience, and the insights they’ve gathered have transformed the way they approach support.

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Uber Rider Hits 500 Rides
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Survey uber 1 Survey uber 2 Survey uber 3 Survey uber 4 Survey uber 5 Survey uber 6 Survey uber footer
Uber Rider Hits 500 Rides
Product Surveys

Gather key user insights and build a killer app.

Looking to understand your users’ product feedback, feature wishlist, or beta testing experience? From implementation surveys to product satisfaction surveys, GetFeedback gives you the user insights you need to craft a thoughtful roadmap and deliver a product or app that your users can’t live without. Transportation company Uber is using GetFeedback to measure the product experience so that they can continue to innovate and disrupt their industry.

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Great user experience is more important than ever before.


of High Tech consumers would try a new brand or company for a better service experience.


of High Tech consumers would pay up to 25% more for a better customer experience.


increase in likeliness to buy from a High Tech brand when a company has a reputation for great customer experience.

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