The customer experience solution built for Salesforce

Boost customer loyalty with the #1 rated feedback solution for Salesforce.

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Make CX insights a part of every customer interaction

Use GetFeedback to map real-time feedback data to any object, field, or record in Salesforce. Build a real 360° view of your customer experience.

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Tailored survey

Personalize surveys for every channel

Customize each survey with relevant customer data from Salesforce. Improve your response rates by automatically triggering surveys via the right channels after key moments in your customer journey.

Get organizational insights that fuel change

Uncover key trends and see how customer sentiment impacts your business by combining Salesforce operational data and customer experience data with our powerful CX analytics.

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Take real-time action that delivers results

Retain and expand your customer base by quickly resolving every poor experience. Push feedback to Salesforce in real-time for immediate action, escalate high-value customers to management, report on follow-up tasks, and more.

Feedback data and customer data

Integrate with all major Salesforce products

Craft a scalable feedback program by incorporating GetFeedback into your suite of Salesforce solutions.



Give your sales team the power to close more deals with closed-lost insights.



Enhance your customer service and field service lightning platforms with real-time feedback.

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Understand the customer journey and deliver more personalized experiences.

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Improve purchase experience to increase conversions and sales.



Bring the voice of the customer into Pardot and drive smarter marketing automation.

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Fuel your Einstein Analytics predictive engine with the most critical dataset: customer feedback.



Create an ongoing dialogue within your forums, portals, and knowledge articles.

Excel at customer experience

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