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Hire, Train, and Support Your Employees at Every Step
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Online surveys allow you to listen to your employees and run a great company

Delighted employees are the cornerstone of every successful organization. So how do you make sure that your recruiting process is optimized to find the best people, that your organization is training them effectively, and that that your benefits program is optimized for the way that they want to lead their life? Employee surveys can help your company succeed in these areas and many more. Use HR and employee surveys to:

  • Ask job candidates about your hiring process
  • Train and certify new employees
  • Conduct periodic employee / manager reviews
  • Gather feedback from team meetings
  • Review benefits programs and company perks
  • Conduct 360 degree peer reviews
  • Get employee feedback on company strategies

HR and employee surveys are a key component to the success of every organization, from the smallest business to the largest Fortune 500 company

Employee Surveys Help You Develop Your #1 Asset

Employee surveys give your organization the insight it needs to hire, train, and develop your employees

Understand What Motivates Your Employees

What do you get when you survey your employees? A richer understanding about what inspires them, motivates them, and keeps them happy at your company. Employee satisfaction is the name of the game and online surveys allow you to connect with your most important asset, your people. Employee surveys can help your organization develop a stronger human resources organization and help motivate and align your employees to the company objectives.

Hire and Train the Best Employees in the Business

Human resources has a tough job recruiting, developing and retaining the best minds in the business. Online surveys are a critical part of the on-boarding process helping you to refine how your job functions work. Employee surveys created with GetFeedback are in use at thousands of companies to help organizations improve their processes for on-boarding employees.

Employee Survey Live Example

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Human Resources and Employee Survey Customization

With GetFeedback, you have complete control over your HR and employee surveys, including branding, imagery, video, and how you collect feedback from your employees.

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Employee Surveys Help Your Business Succeed

Here's a list of the most popular types of HR and employee surveys we've seen
Employee HR Benefits Surveys:

One common type of employee survey is the employee benefits survey, allowing HR managers to get feedback on benefits programs and options to tailor a package that fits the needs of employees.

Recruiting Candidate Surveys:

How is your recruiting organization treating candidates all the way through the hiring process? Successful companies survey recruits after the process is over to learn how they can improve.

Employee Training Surveys:

From the moment an employee starts with an organization, training is essential to their success. Online surveys can be used to measure employee knowledge at key milestones along their career path.

360 Degree Employee Feedbacks:

Online survey tools like GetFeedback have changed how companies conduct peer reviews, allowing for employees to give feedback to one another from anywhere, on any device.

Management and Executive Feedback:

Great executives solicit feedback from managers and employees within the company. GetFeedback is an essential tool for understanding if your employees are behind your company strategy.

Employee Exit Surveys:

When employees leave a job, it's critical to understand why they left, where they're going, and how your company could have retained them. Online surveys are useful to gather this type of feedback.

Team Meeting Surveys:

Are your team meetings and work events effective and useful for your employees? Next time you have a team gathering, follow up with a survey to hear the perspectives of the attendees and learn how you can improve.

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