Optimizing the digital experience

How multi-dimensional customer feedback drove PUMA’s digital transformation.

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We’re listening to our customers across multiple dimensions in the heat of the moment, and we’re able to take actions and make decisions based on what our customers are saying.

—Joey CasaDeCalvo, manager, customer service at PUMA Group

Delighted customers boost ROI across the business


rise in NPS


growth in PayPal order volume


drop in payment-related customer support issues


Pivoting to digital

When the pandemic hit in 2020, PUMA’s ecommerce strategy became paramount to driving revenue growth. Yet, their online shopping experience needed dramatic improvement. PUMA had to adapt fast and squeeze the next five years into now–requiring rapid insights into how to transform their digital CX.


Removing friction from the CX

To understand shoppers’ most pressing issues with the digital experience, PUMA used GetFeedback to capture insights along the customer journey.

Unlocking revenue via payment fixes and additions

Insights gathered at cart abandonment revealed that customers wanted more payment choices and that PayPal was causing friction and blocking revenue flow. PUMA optimized their PayPal connectivity and introduced multiple new payment methods.

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Boosting customer engagement from an ‘Ah-Hah!’ moment

GetFeedback’s in-depth survey analytics led PUMA to an expected discovery–customers were saving items for future purchase in the shopping cart. So, PUMA added a ‘wish list’ feature that is driving engagement and reducing cart abandonment.

Expediting conversion and reducing support needs

PUMA used GetFeedback to support an embedded in-page feedback widget on all FAQ articles. The resulting insights helped PUMA improve the articles, expediting customer conversion while reducing the volume of customer support contacts.

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Significant ROI from digital transformation

Using GetFeedback, PUMA gathered valuable insights into shoppers’ digital experience needs. This knowledge led PUMA to make multiple CX improvements that served to grow PayPal order volume, reduce cart abandonment, and improve NPS. Today, customers are highly engaged and delighted by the PUMA digital CX.

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Consumer feedback used to keep me up at night. With GetFeedback, it’s been a fun experience because I’ve been able to leverage the feedback we've been getting in a much more thoughtful manner and ensure that any changes fall in line with what our customers want.

—Joey CasaDeCalvo, manager, customer service at PUMA Group

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