Your customers are counting on you

CX can be challenging. Your CX solution shouldn’t be. That’s why we’ve designed a modern CX platform that’s not only powerful, but also a pleasure to use.

We’re your partner in delivering memorable customer experiences

Whether you’re just getting started or have been at this for a while, you don’t need a complex CX solution that requires an army of consultants to run. With a flexible CX platform that’s easy to use, we’re the partner you can trust to help you deliver incredible customer experiences.

Your vision

You care deeply about your customers

That’s why you got into this role, right? You’re on a mission to break through organizational silos, build a culture of customer centricity, and create memorable experiences that keep customers coming back.

The challenge

You need to build a culture of CX. Software shouldn’t slow you down.

From getting your organization to take action on feedback to proving your value to leadership again and again, great CX can feel like a distant dream. And complex, expensive software isn’t getting you closer to success.

1 in 3 CX professionals say their company doesn’t understand the role of CX or the value that they bring.

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Source: 2020 GetFeedback survey of 180 CX professionals

The opportunity

CX, made easy

SurveyMonkey is known around the world for offering a powerful survey platform that is both easy and intuitive to use. We’re leveraging that DNA to build a CX platform that better enables your team to deliver on the high expectations of customers today.

3 in 4 say the CX solutions they’ve evaluated or implemented don’t match their needs.

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Source: 2020 SurveyMonkey/GetFeedback study of 1,777 CX professionals

We’re here to simplify CX, because we know there’s an easier way

Gather and transform customer insights into meaningful action in days, not months, so you can quickly adapt to changing customer needs—no survey scientist required.

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Learn from the CX community

Regardless of where you’re at with your CX program, we believe there’s always something new to learn from your peers. Based on our years of experience and working closely with the CX community, we’ve put together resources to share best practices, how-tos, and expert tips to help you solve your biggest CX challenges.

How to run a successful Voice of the Customer (VoC) program

Prove the ROI of customer experience (WITH ACTUAL MATH!)

More resources

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