Customer feedback, simplified

Collecting customer feedback shouldn’t be complicated. Our easy-to-use solution measures the voice of your customer so you can take action and provide an exceptional experience.


Design beautiful, mobile-friendly surveys that ask the right questions and capture smarter feedback. Pull in customer data to personalize the survey experience and get better engagement rates.

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Collect top-of-mind feedback on the channels your customers use to engage with your business, like email, chat, SMS, and communities.

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Build dashboards with ease and gather intuitive insights to understand how customers feel about your brand. Uncover trends and identify opportunities to improve the customer experience.

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Don’t just collect feedback; take immediate action to turn a negative customer experience into something positive. Show your customers you care and drive meaningful change for your business.

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Go even further with Salesforce

Easily integrate feedback data with customer data in Salesforce to get a 360-degree view of your customer and fuel a better experience.

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Not sure where to begin? We have you covered.

With our team of Salesforce-certified experts and a fully customizable onboarding program, GetFeedback is designed to help you succeed from the start.

Launch your feedback program in days, not months

Whether you're a Salesforce novice or guru, GetFeedback's unparalleled expertise helps you gain key insights and deliver quick wins.

Getting Started with GetFeedback for Salesforce

Taking Action with Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) in Salesforce

The complete guide to survey question types

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