Supercharge service experiences with great CX

Use customer feedback to unlock the full potential of your service and support teams in Zendesk.


Use feedback to improve customer service experiences

Capture feedback across your key channels and fuse it with your customer data in Zendesk to build a 360 degree view of customer feedback to quickly take actions and coach frontline agents to improve every customer service and support interaction.

Dramatically increase ticket solved CSAT response rates

Automatically send one-touch, custom branded CSAT surveys after every support or service interaction that people will actually respond to. Personalize each survey with relevant customer data from Zendesk or based on the channel for an even better experience.


Easily spot key customer trends by combining feedback with Zendesk data

Blend customer data and customer feedback to get the context that uncovers critical trends across segments. Surface customer feedback onto accounts, reports, dashboards in Zendesk and filter by customer data in GetFeedback to drill deeper into every piece of the customer journey.

Quickly trigger the right customer follow up directly from Zendesk

Close the feedback loop faster with automated actions and task creation in the Zendesk ecosystem. Ensure your high value customers get a meaningful response from the right person using their feedback and CX scores to drive the conversation.




Master CSAT in one month


CSAT Survey questions


CX Maturity assessment

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