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How SaaS companies should leverage CX to drive sustainable growth

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Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) companies operate in highly competitive markets and must deliver a great customer experience (CX) to acquire, retain, and expand their customer base.

To help SaaS leaders understand where to focus their efforts, we surveyed nearly 300 SaaS business leaders across the U.S. and U.K. and uncovered key CX strategies that SaaS companies should employ to drive their acquisition, retention, and expansion efforts.

Below are some of our top findings.


Balance acquisition with other growth drivers

As the cost of acquiring new customers rises, it becomes more challenging to maintain a consistent growth rate through acquisition efforts alone.

That’s why it’s vital to balance acquisition with the other growth drivers—retention and expansion—which are less costly and pay long-term dividends.

In the full report, we share how to use customer feedback to identify why you’re losing deals and how to deliver the products and experiences your buyers want.


Boost retention by ensuring customers’ success

Customer retention is increasingly top of mind for SaaS leaders this year—and good thing, because high retention rates help companies grow faster, at a lower cost.

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43% of SaaS leaders say cross-sells and upsells are focus areas for their company

Add value to build customer loyalty and expansion

When done right, cross-sells and upsells can be a major growth driver while also adding value for your customers—which, in turn, improves loyalty.

Find out how SaaS companies are building stronger customer relationships in the full report.

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