Put your customers at the center of everything you do

Capture feedback across the entire customer journey, turning real-time data into immediate action.


Embed the voice of the customer across your business

Set-up listening channels anywhere your customers are, from web to chat to email and more. Quickly spot trends, analyze, and understand key insights to make data driven decisions that support the customer.

Collect feedback immediately in one centralized place

With legacy products, it can take weeks or even months to begin gathering customer data. With GetFeedback’s simple setup, out of the box dashboard options, and flexible API, you can deploy your CX program and collect feedback right away. GetFeedback is built for you to stay agile and iterate your approach to customer experience as you uncover new findings, all in one centralized location.


Act fast on feedback in the tools you already use

Ensure the right teams take action on time-sensitive feedback in the tools they use every day. Send feedback through Slack, escalate technical issues in Jira, trigger customer follow-up in Salesforce, and more. Close the loop on critical feedback as it happens in order to create memorable moments that drive customer loyalty and satisfaction.

Boost customer retention and revenue

With centralized data, view NPS, CSAT, CES, and GCP for a deeper understanding of a customers health. Identify which customers are more likely to renew, or where you can provided better experiences for higher customer retention rates.


Discover why our customers trust GetFeedback to power their CX


“The insights we’ve received from GetFeedback clearly tell us what we have to do. By learning about our customers, feedback is becoming part of our culture and how we operate.”

Larry Levine, director of client experience, Peapack-Gladstone Bank

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