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April 3, 2019

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10 years ago, a University student in the Netherlands participated in a school competition and designed a remote usability testing product. His idea beat the other 99 contenders, and that’s how Usabilla was born. The idea was simple yet ambitious – and so was the mission. With a heatmap of interactions on a visual design or wireframe, they could make digital experiences better.

Later, the product evolved into technology designed to help companies capture the voice of their customers along the entire digital journey. Usabilla grew tremendously fast and today empowers over 450 enterprises globally with 130 employees in New York, London, Amsterdam, Berlin and Sydney.

Fast forward to April 2019 – Usabilla’s mission remains: to make digital experiences better. One thing has changed though…Usabilla is now officially part of SurveyMonkey, a San Mateo-based global survey software company. It’s an exciting journey that we are now embarking on together, with a combined troop of over 1,000 employees worldwide!

Powering the curious, together

As of December 2018, Usabilla receives 506 million feedback requests each day, while at SurveyMonkey 17.5 million users are active daily and 20 million questions are answered every day. Needless to say, feedback flows through our DNA.

SurveyMonkey’s mission to “power the curious” echoes Usabilla’s drive to “start asking why?” Why do people come back to your website? Why don’t they? Why do people buy one product over the other? And why do some drop off, while others convert?

Ingrained in the culture at both Usabilla and SurveyMonkey is the idea that the best way to serve your customers is by listening and tuning in to their needs. This customer-first focus not only highlights the similarities between both our company mindsets but also creates a promising opportunity to work together in the customer experience (CX) space.

Combining two product suites for the better

This acquisition expands the product scope of both SurveyMonkey and Usabilla. How, you ask? With Usabilla’s Voice of Customer suite, you can easily follow your customer’s evolving needs, drive changes across departments and push your organization to be more customer-centric. Across websites, emails or apps, real-time feedback enables you to build the digital experience your customers want. Together with SurveyMonkey, we can achieve even more.

“Our product offering is fully complementary to the SurveyMonkey product portfolio. With a combination of SurveyMonkey’s People Powered Data platform that includes solutions for customer, employee and market feedback, and our Voice of Customer products, we can offer a solid platform to measure the complete customer and employee journey.”

Marc van Agteren, CEO at Usabilla

Usabilla is the ideal addition to SurveyMonkey’s Customer Powered Data solutions. How so? SurveyMonkey CX is a turn-key NPS solution that helps organizations collect relational data and analysis through surveys. Usabilla complements SurveyMonkey CX with in-the-moment feedback, where a customer or potential customer can leave feedback directly within the digital environment. TechValidate, a SurveyMonkey company, is also complimentary as it helps transform customer feedback into compelling proof points, testimonials and customer stories.

Together, our solutions help customers measure the end-to-end customer feedback cycle.

“Usabilla’s outstanding user experience solution for capturing real-time digital feedback enhances our enterprise offerings and expands our international footprint. Every brand needs to offer a compelling digital experience to win and retain customers—the acquisition strengthens our position in this rapidly growing multi-billion-dollar market.”

Zander Lurie, CEO at SurveyMonkey

How the CX space benefits

For the last 10 years, Usabilla has focused its efforts in the enterprise market – acquiring a strong customer base comprised of major players in retail, travel, software and financial industries. Over the past 20 years, SurveyMonkey has developed a customer base reaching over 345,0000 organizations. Together, thanks to our combined CX expertise, we are able to serve a broader market.

From a global footprint perspective, it’s a match too! Usabilla’s offices and enterprise customers span from Europe to Australia to the US. On top of SurveyMonkey’s offices in Dublin, they now have a command post in Amsterdam (Usabilla HQ). Combining our established presence in both the US and abroad, we have strong coverage across the globe.

With 76% of execs saying that improving CX is a high or critical priority (Forrester, 2018), the CX industry has never been so critical for business growth. We look forward to joining forces to empower the curious and together build experiences that last.

Cheers to the next chapter!

This article follows the first announcement around SurveyMonkey acquiring Usabilla on our blog on March 5th, 2019. As shared by SurveyMonkey, the official press release can be found here.

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