5 Reasons To Outsource Search Engine Optimization


Alexis Thompson

June 11, 2012

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In this guest post Alexis Thompson shares with us her thoughts on outsourcing SEO work.

The Business Process Outsourcing Industry has been growing since the start of the new millennium. A lot of giant businesses, such as Coca Cola, have been outsourcing some of their business processes to third party services providers. In this article, we will talk about five reasons why outsourcing SEO work is good and why you should consider it, too.

1. SEO requires expertise

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is not as easy as you might think. If you’re a beginner in the world of internet marketing and not specialized in SEO, don’t make the mistake and consider yourself an expert. SEO can be a very complicated subject that won’t work successfully if you have only little knowledge about it. It’s greatly recommended to hire an SEO professional, leaving important decisions to the real “king of the trade”. External SEO specialists not only have the required expertise in the field, they also work with the latest and most effective SEO marketing tools for more refined improvements.

2. Be More Efficient

Being in this profession, SEO experts work easier and in a faster manner. They have more skills and experience in engaging with your target audience and control over specific aspects of the campaign. Their special tools will give you the confidence that your SEO activities are being performed properly. All this makes link-building, content development, coding and reporting way more efficient than doing it yourself.

3. Save costs

Outsourcing SEO work can be cheaper than doing everything in-house. You will need to invest, but you can also be quite certain that your money will pay off and your SEO will actually improve. The trends of internet marketing change so fast that you need untiring passion and determination to keep up with SEO’s high dynamism. Besides, outsourcing SEO work saves you both manpower and constant trainings to keep it rolling.

4. Focus on your own expertise

Outsourcing SEO work to other companies will give you more room to focus on your own expertise. While you don’t need to worry about keeping up with SEO trends, you can put all your time and energy into the core of your business. Take the opportunity to accommodate more work for your company, focus on other competitive advantage than SEO, and improve your in-house processes.

5. Fight competitors with SEO

SEO is not a secret strategy anymore. You can expect that anyone, who wants to be found on the Web, is putting some effort in it. What counts now is to be better than your competitors. It’s not enough to be listed by search engines. You need to be listed as far up as possible to get people’s attention. Again, in order to get to the top of that list and to profit from any advantage that comes with it, outsource your SEO work and let experts handle it.

In sum

Nothing stops you from doing SEO work in house, but before you decide, you should consider the advantages you get from outsourcing it.

Successful SEO requires expertise that you are not likely to have if you are not specialized in the field. Constant changing standards and evolving trends require a high level of motivation and time to keep up with. External experts have the necessary experience, knowledge and tools at their disposal to work much more efficient than you are likely to. When outsourcing SEO work, you have more time to focus on the real core of your business. At the same time, chances increase that your SEO will be successful.

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