4 Things Digital Marketers Need to Know About UX


Netania Engelbrecht

December 11, 2015

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User experience is becoming an increasingly important topic in today’s digital environment. As a digital marketer it can sometimes be difficult to know what’s relevant, what isn’t, and how it’ll impact your work. There are a few UX concepts that are important to your marketing activities as well as your bottom line. So, we’ve compiled a list of 4 things digital marketers need to know about UX. Are any of these new to you?

1. Usability and UX are Not the Same Thing

Usability is an integral part of the user experience. It is (among other things) how easy to use, efficient, and pleasant a user interface is for a user. UX deals with user’s feelings and attitudes when they interact with your product or service. Although it’s only a part of the total user experience, usability is vital to your customers’ positive and/or negative experiences.

2. Marketers Need UX

Building a positive user experience for your (potential) customers is essential to boosting customer satisfaction and repeat business. And this is also the best way to differentiate your product or service in today’s competitive marketplace. UX is a fundamental element to building relationships with your customers; a positive UX fosters a positive relationship. 

3. A Good UX Creates Brand Advocates

As mentioned, a good UX delights your customers, which in turn, makes them more likely to spread positive opinions about your product. So in essence, good marketing efforts create good user experiences, and forge a positive long-term relationship between a brand and its customers.

4. You Need a Balance Between Digital Marketing and UX

Digital marketers are generally focussed on conversions, and this can sometimes result in a potentially negative UX. Your website is your strongest marketing asset, so creating a good UX for it is the best way to make it an effective marketing tool. The success of your business is dependent on a positive user experience, so if your users don’t enjoy engaging with you online, they probably won’t convert.

Are there other UX concepts that digital marketers should know about that we didn’t include in our list? Share your thoughts in the comments below or tweet us @usabilla.  

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