12 Tricks To Make Your Customers Feel Safe


Sabina Idler

May 10, 2012

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The customer is king. And we want the king to feel comfortable, right? Especially on the Web, where people can leave our site with only a mouse click, it is essential to keep them happy. Happy customers will stay to find the information they came for, they are more willing to trust us, and they will be more likely to spend their money with us. There are many different things you can do to make your customers comfortable, one of them is by making them feeling safe.

Here are some to help you make your users feel safe and as a consequence comfortable enough to spend their money on your site.

Reasonable prices

Make sure to offer prices that your customers are willing to pay. People will not make a purchase if they think they are paying too much. We all love last minute offers and any else that makes us feel like we saved some money, right? There are several things you can do to convince people you are offering them a bargain. Let’s take a look at three of them.

Special offers

People just love special offers. Limited discounts, either in time or in quantity, are an easy way to influence our buying decisions. Easytobook.com is a great example of how to make people feel confident about a quick decision. They offer a considerable discount for three nights in a hotel, which is rated outstanding. Only two of these deals are left but since cancellation is free, there is no risk attached to buying on the spur of the moment.

Long-term offers

Long-term offers are a great way to tie customers for a longer period of time. Look at this example on the website of AWeber Communications. With their three months plan I save about $ 3 per month compared with the monthly subscription. Of course I pay $ 30 more if I subscribe for three months, but still it feels like saving money.

Offer choices

We love to make own decisions. Or at least we love it to think that. A nice example for this are different pricing plans. Zendesk offers four different plans. The big price difference between the Enterprise version and the Plus version makes us perceive the difference between the Regular and the Plus rather small. Now looking at the different features included in the Regular and in the Plus plan, the $ 49 feels absolutely justified.

Proof of quality

Of course, whenever we buy something, we like to know that we don’t spend our money on rubbish. Since we cannot pick things up from a website, and take them into our hands to feel their quality, we depend on different ways to make a judgement. Here are three things you can do to help your customers trust the quality of your products.

Ratings & Testimonials

The most obvious thing to do is placing ratings and testimonials next to your products. Other people, who have already bought the product have more experiences with, which makes us trust their judgement. HTC offers a very visual and appealing rating summary next to each of their smartphones. Seeing the seemingly objective 4.5 star rating makes me trust in the quality of this phone.


Another great way to convince people of the quality of your products is the option to customize them. NikeID lets people customize the entire shoe, getting the impression they are actually creating it themselves. This involvement and the feeling of having designed our product ourselves helps us to trust its quality.

Bring your product to life

An effective way to bring a product to live on the Web is by bringing it as close to the customer as possible. HTC offers a fun and intuitive way of selecting your most important features. Based on these features, they give you a selection of all suitable phones. This way, customers can quickly see which devices suit their needs.

Terms of guarantee

If I go to a store to buy something, I know I can come back at any time and either return my purchase, claim damages, or simply ask questions. On the Web, this can be way more complicated, which discourages a lot of people to buy online. Let’s take a look at a couple of things you can do to show your customers they can trust you.

Customer support

Like people can go back to a store to ask questions, make sure you offer good customer service on your site. People who buy your products will most likely have questions, complaints, or even suggestions at some point. Knowing that in case they do need customer support, it’s available increases their willingness to make a purchase online. Alianz insurances offers customer support 24/7, which is even better than it would be possible in any physical office.

Trial versions

Let people try your product before they buy it. Especially for software it is common to offer a trial version on the Web. This way you grant your customers access to your product, before you charge them. People are more likely to make a decision if they know it’s not ultimate. Projecturf offers a 14-day trial, giving their customers the chance to decide for themselves if it’s worth the money.

Money back guarantee

Also a great way to make people feel safe with a buying decision is a money back guarantee. For example, Diet Direct offers a 110% satisfaction guarantee, which means they will refund 110% of the purchase price in case the customer is not satisfied with the product after 60 days. This stuff has to work if they even risk to pay me extra in case it doesn’t, right?


A lot of people feel uncomfortable to give away personal information on the Web. There are too many stories circulating, warning about possible dangers. However, you need people to at least fill in their email address for setting up an account, you need their physical address in order to make deliveries, and you even need their bank details to allow a purchase. So you better make them feel safe on your site and encourage them to trust you with their information.

Protect information

Whenever customers need to fill in their personal information on your site, you can make sure that it’s really a person filling out your form. The fact that you actively try to prevent data theft tells you customers that you probably try your best to keep their data safe as well. I think Techsmith does a nice job here. They ask their customers if they are a robot, which instantly explains the purpose of filling in the funny words.

Trustworthy payment options

If you want people to spend money on your site, make sure you offer trustworthy payment options. Recognition can be a great trust factor. Especially big brands, such as MasterCard and Visa are associated with a trustworthy source. Alianz offers three well-known payment options on their site. Personally, I wouldn’t hesitate spending my money on their site.

Inform about Payment options

Last but not least, you should offer sufficient information about payment options. Ideally, you make this information accessible before people even need it. Imagine you want to buy something in a web store, but you can’t find any information about the payment options. You have to go through the entire purchase process to find out that they don’t accept your prefered payment option. I like it how Gstar offers a whole section on Payment, which can be easily accessed from any page.

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