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Introducing One-Touch Email Survey Templates for Salesforce

Generate beautiful survey email templates for Salesforce or your email marketing tool. Embed survey questions inside your email to boost response rates!

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When it comes to collecting customer feedback, timing is everything. If you miss the brief window when experiences are fresh on customers’ minds, they’re less likely to respond thoughtfully, if at all. That’s why more and more companies are sending transactional surveys to their customers via email, right after an interaction happens.

Email remains the top survey distribution channel for many reasons—it’s customizable, easy to automate, and proven to outperform other mediums. But traditional survey emails can feel lackluster and off-brand, which negatively impacts survey response rates, brand perception, and the quality of your feedback.

To fill that gap in the survey experience, we’re excited to introduce survey email templates for Salesforce. They’ll help you ace the survey experience from start to finish.

Now Available: Survey Email Templates for Salesforce

GetFeedback already includes built-in email capabilities for sending traditional survey emails to a list or a Salesforce report. And starting today, you can use GetFeedback to generate beautiful VisualForce and HTML email templates for Salesforce or your email provider of choice. And with One-Touch Email Surveys, you can boost response rates even further by allowing customers to share feedback right from their inbox.

Salesforce survey email templates

Build beautiful email templates that provide an inviting customer experience

With GetFeedback survey email templates, you get a beautiful, engaging survey invitation combined with all the power of Salesforce email automation. In just a few minutes, you can:

  • Create a mobile-friendly email template that matches your survey design

  • Embed the first survey question in your email to boost engagement

  • Add merge fields to track responses and personalize your email

  • Export your template as VisualForce or HTML code

  • Use your awesome email template to trigger timely, relevant surveys based on customer activity

Survey Email Templates for Salesforce

Embed a survey question in your email to boost response rates

For teams that want to send surveys directly from Salesforce, GetFeedback’s VisualForce templates are a game changer. Instead of sending survey invitations as plain text emails, you can generate a stunning email template without writing a line of code. You can also generate bulletproof HTML emails for Marketing Cloud, Pardot, and other email providers.

Export VisualForce survey email template

Easily copy-paste the HTML or VisualForce code into your preferred email solution

Sending engaging survey emails is essential because it directly impacts the quantity and quality of feedback you receive. The easier you make it for customers to share feedback, the more you’ll learn. And next time you send a survey, they’ll be more likely to take it.

GetFeedback’s One-Touch Email Survey templates are now available on GetFeedback for Salesforce CX and Corporate plans—contact Sales to request access. Current customers can visit our knowledge base to learn more about creating VisualForce email templates and creating HTML email templates with GetFeedback.

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