GetFeedback Spring ’14: New Survey Features

Today, we're proud to announce GetFeedback Spring '14: a bundle of new survey features available immediately to all of our users. Take a quick tour!


Kraig Swensrud

April 8, 2014

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It’s like a breath of fresh air in the online survey software market. Say hello to fun, engaging, mobile-ready surveys that make your brand shine while delivering higher response rates.

Today, we’re proud to announce GetFeedback Spring ’14, a bundle of new survey features available immediately to all of our users. Take a quick product tour to see what’s new!

New GetFeedback Survey Features

What’s New in Spring ’14?

Custom Survey Logic

Branch or add conditional logic within a survey. For example, a customer might be asked about their satisfaction level, and if they provide a low score, you can dynamically ask additional questions.

Custom Salesforce Integration

Save survey responses directly into Salesforce, on both standard and custom objects. In addition, survey responses can now create new records, in both production and sandbox instances.

Custom Brand Control

Also known as white-labeling, you now have complete brand control over every aspect of the interface including the removal of all GetFeedback branding and the addition of custom corporate logos.

Custom Survey URLs

Customize the survey URLs by adding your company’s brand as a subdomain, introducing a deeper level of brand control and survey personalization that helps create customer trust.

Custom Languages

Create surveys in any language and the survey recipient can now see a completely translated interface. Supported languages include, English, French, German, Japanese, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Korean, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Russian, Dutch, Danish, and Turkish.

Custom Integration API

Automate the retrieval of survey responses from a 3rd party system. This provides a custom integration interface into other backend systems, databases, applications, and data analysis tools.

Custom Survey Personalization

Similar to email personalization, surveys can now be personalized with data sent as a merge field on the survey URL. This allows for personalized greetings and personalized questions/answers.

Custom Title Pages

Add or remove custom survey title pages with ease! Great for both longer, heavily branded customer surveys and shorter, quick surveys such as Net Promoter Score and satisfaction surveys that are embedded into websites and blogs

Custom Themes

Create surveys with specific background images, branding, fonts, and colors, allowing for pixel perfect customization of the survey interface. Include an out-of-the-box theme or create your own with ease.

We hope you enjoy the new features!

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