Managed Mapping: Instantly Connect Your Surveys to Salesforce

With GetFeedback’s new Managed Mapping, Salesforce novices and veterans alike can automate the survey mapping process—no custom fields required.


Keith Weissglass

October 12, 2017

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Customer feedback rounds out your customer data and makes your Salesforce org even more powerful. But unless you’re a certified admin, mapping survey results to Salesforce can be intimidating. And even if you’re a wizard, creating fields in Salesforce for each new survey can cost precious admin time.

Today we’re introducing a new mapping option to simplify the process and give your team more flexibility. Read on to learn how Managed Mapping makes your life a little easier.

Connect surveys in one click with Managed Mapping

GetFeedback for Salesforce customers can already configure survey mappings quickly. But if you need custom fields created in Salesforce, your project can quickly get stuck in a busy admin’s backlog. We created Managed Mapping to speed things up.

With Managed Mapping, you can sync new survey to Salesforce with a single click

With Managed Mapping, you can automatically store survey responses in a special Surveys object in Salesforce. So rather than mapping each survey question to custom fields and objects (which someone has to create), you just flip the switch and survey results start flowing. You can launch your survey immediately, then build reports and dashboards whenever you’re ready.

Plus, Managed Mapping links those survey responses to any related Contacts, Cases, Opportunities, or Accounts. This means your team can quickly access a complete history of survey responses for a particular customer.

Managed Mapping Example

Each answer is neatly organized in Salesforce and linked to related customer records

Control how you store survey data with Custom Mapping

Managed Mapping is great for teams that need a quick and easy solution, but if you want more control over your survey data, then our original Custom Mapping tool is the way to go.

Custom Mapping gives you free rein to create and update Salesforce records, so you can store survey responses exactly where you want them. For example, you could create a “Most Recent Net Promoter Score®” field on your contact records and update it whenever you receive a new response.

Custom mapping

Custom Mapping gives you complete control over where each response lives in Salesforce

Which mapping option should I use?

If you’re having trouble deciding which option is best for you, here are some factors to consider.

Managed mapping is best when:

  • You want to launch a survey ASAP

  • You need to map survey data to Salesforce without an admin’s help

  • You don’t want to create custom fields and objects

  • You’re not sure how you’ll use your survey results just yet

  • You don’t have a full-time Salesforce admin

Custom mapping is best when:

  • You want complete control over where each survey response lives in Salesforce

  • Your admin has time to map each new survey before launch

  • You want each new survey response to update specific custom fields or objects (e.g. to show an answer directly on a contact record)

  • You want survey responses to create new records (e.g. to create a new contact or lead)

Don’t want to choose?

Managed Mapping and Custom Mapping are complementary tools. You can stick with one method, alternate based on the specific survey, or even use both solutions simultaneously for maximum flexibility. Regardless of your approach, your customer feedback will be stored safely in Salesforce, where your team can leverage it best.

Getting Started

Managed Mapping is now available to customers on all GetFeedback for Salesforce CX plans. If you’re ready to enable it, read Getting Started with GetFeedback Managed Mapping to Salesforce or speak with your Customer Success Manager.

Current GetFeedback for Salesforce customers already have access to Custom Mapping, and the tool is included in select GetFeedback for Salesforce plans moving forward. If you’re interested in adding Custom Mapping to your account, speak with your Customer Success Manager or email

Not a GetFeedback for Salesforce customer just yet? We’d love to chat about how we can help you get the most out of your customer data. Contact us to learn more.

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