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GetFeedback Summer ’14: Team Administration

GetFeedback introduces team administration and collaboration for all of your customer survey projects. Check out our Summer '14 Product Feature Tour.

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Until now, GetFeedback accounts have been tied to a specific person. For example, you sign into GetFeedback with your unique email address and password, and if you need to work with others on a survey project, your only option was to share account credentials with another person.

We all know the havoc that password sharing can wreak with multiple people stepping on each others toes, not to mention the security policies of most companies which frown upon that behavior.

Along the way we’ve had thousands of companies ask us: “How can I work together on survey projects with multiple people on my team, or across my company?”

Inspired by products such as Google Apps, Salesforce, and, collaborative business software allows multiple individuals within a team to more effectively work together.

Team Administration & Collaboration

As with many important business initiatives, survey projects often involve multiple individuals who need to work together in a collaborative nature. For example a customer survey project might include a business/content expert who understands the world of customer service, a survey/research expert who can best frame the questions, a marketing/design expert who can make everything pixel-perfect, and an IT/Salesforce admin expert who can push the data into a backend system.

All of these experts handle their respective portions of the project. GetFeedback Summer ‘14 allows for team collaboration on projects involving the creation, design, and execution of surveys. Watch a video of Summer ’14 in action

What’s Hot in Summer ’14?

Team Administration & Billing

Centralized administration is core to collaborative business software. Now with Summer ‘14, GetFeedback administrators have the ability to specify team settings, manage user accounts, and centralize billing preferences.

Team User Management

User management allows team admins to provision and invite new users in a completely self-service fashion. New team members can be added at anytime, and may be centrally re-assigned or deactivated as a survey project changes over time.

Team Survey Sharing

Team sharing allows for a survey or set of surveys to be shared amongst team members. Owners of a survey can determine who has access to to view a survey and its associated responses/results.

Team Collaboration

Team collaboration allows multiple individuals to jointly participate in the survey creation process. Hand off points can be defined and a single survey can be passed from one owner to another, allowing for the separation of roles, such as a business owner, content creator, designer, and backend integration expert.

Team Settings & Configuration

Advanced configurations with GetFeedback allow for complete brand control, including custom survey URLs and whitelabeling of the survey user interface. Advanced settings now allow for a single setting that is automatically applied to all team members.

Team Controls for Salesforce

Customer surveys that integrate with Salesforce are hot hot hot! Summer ‘14 now includes the workflow and permissions required by Salesforce customers, allowing specialized controls for only those team members that can access to Salesforce integrations.

Learn more about the new team administration and collaboration features and view pricing on our website.

Have a great summer!

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