It’s Time for Seamless Mobile Customer Service

Modern customers prefer modern support. Stay ahead of the curve by providing great mobile customer service. Alexa Lemzy from TextMagic explains how.


Alexa Lemzy

May 9, 2018

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This is a guest post by Alexa Lemzy, customer service manager of TextMagic.

Excellent customer service is a cornerstone of most successful businesses. Today, customer service goes beyond the call center. And with more and more customers doing their shopping online, it’s not just about the brick and mortar customer experience either.

A consumer survey by Imprint Plus found that 32.5% of all shoppers prefer to shop online and another 37.8% prefer a mixture of both online and in-store. More likely than not, if you’re reading this article, you’ve probably made online purchases. Online customers are shopping on their mobiles more than ever. In fact, it’s estimated that by the end of 2018, mobile purchases will represent 27% of all e-commerce purchases.

Holding onto those hard-won customers is key to a successful business since the cost of acquiring new customers is nearly seven times the cost of maintaining an existing one.

With mobile purchases on the rise, excellent mobile customer service is becoming more important. When questions arise, mobile customers should be able to reach your business quickly and easily through the mobile means of their choice (live chat, messengers, texting, FAQs, etc).

6 Ways to Provide Outstanding Mobile Customer Service

1. Optimize your website for mobile

First things first. If customers (both current and potential) are checking out your website on their mobiles and your site isn’t mobile optimized, guess what? You’re going to run into problems because those visitors will leave your site immediately.

Here are just a few examples of common non-mobile-optimized issues:

  • Slow-loading, heavy images

  • Awkwardly formatted pages

  • Presenting too much text that has the customer scrolling endlessly down their small screen to read through content that was meant for a desktop

Have your mobile customers in mind and make sure your site is fast-loading, formatted for a variety of mobile and tablet screens. Space-saving and intuitive accordion menus are something to consider. And cut the text down to bite-size chunks for the mobile reader.

2. Collect customer feedback via mobile

Gathering relevant feedback from customers on mobile can help your business to improve customer service. Most surveys see abysmal engagement, with mobile survey response rates 1-3% on average.

In-app surveys, on the other hand, perform much better, with retailers earning a 14% response rate on in-app surveys. Though in-app is the clear winner, other survey distribution channels like email, text, live chat, and QR codes can all be used to reach customers on the go.

Here are some strategies to help increase engagement and improve survey response rates:

  • Make the questions simple

  • Use rating questions (like 1-5 stars) rather than multiple choice

  • Ask a single question instead of several

  • Ask an open-ended question that allows them to share their experience in their own words

3. Offer mobile messaging and SMS support

Texting is a very convenient form of contact for mobile users. Everyone texts and that means your mobile customers do too. Allowing them to text you a question or concern means you’re freeing them to go about their busy day without being tied to a chat or a phone conversation.

They can just shoot off their text and wait for your reply. Text messaging is also a quick form of communication, with the majority of texts being opened within three minutes of being sent, so you can rest assured that the customer got your message.

Many small businesses, e-commerce brands, financial services, and even call centers integrate texting into their customer service practice to reduce wait times and conduct customer satisfaction surveys.

4. Add live chat to your website

Live chat is a great service to include on your mobile website. Mobile customers are usually looking for the quickest solution and live chat is literally hundreds of times quicker than social media or email. Having a live chat feature, whether or not the customer uses it, can also improve brand perception.

In fact, 90% of customers said that seeing a live chat button enhances their confidence in the brand. Customer satisfaction ratings are also higher for live chat than for other forms of customer service. 73% of customers say they were satisfied with the service provided through live chat, compared to 53% through a mobile app.

5. Offer excellent self-service content

67% of customers prefer to find the answers themselves rather than relying on a traditional customer service channel. Today, customers are used to Googling questions and finding answers immediately, so providing them with the tools to help themselves will give them a better experience with your brand. Having a well-curated mobile FAQs page that allows mobile users quick and easy answers to common questions will score you big customer service points.

Use your FAQs page as a springboard to find topics that are relevant to your customers. Get a jump on possible questions when introducing new software, merchandise or services by publishing articles on how the customer can best take advantage of this new feature. Then collect feedback on self-service content, analyze the responses, and improve your content. Rinse and repeat.

6. Create dynamic support content

Infographics, photos and videos offer great value to customers who prefer visual support content. On mobile, video is particularly successful. In fact, mobile video viewing has steadily increased year over year, from 125 million views a year in 2014 to a projected 179.4 million views a year by 2020. And four times as many consumers prefer to watch a video about a product than read about it.


As more and more customers move their online shopping experiences to mobile, businesses have to follow suit by offering excellent mobile customer service. Pay attention to how you interact with customers on mobile and improve their experiences. Remember, businesses who cater to the mobile consumer will get a leg up on their competitors as mobile purchases continue to increase.

About the Author

Alexa Lemzy - TextMagic

Alexa Lemzy is the customer service manager at Assignyourwriter and TextMagic, a text messaging solution for businesses. She is passionate about customer relationships and has spent countless hours communicating with customers and helping them to improve their business. You can shoot her a message @Alexa_Lemzy.

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