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Mylo drives positive customer experience with GetFeedback

Customer feedback prompted changes that resulted in month-over-month revenue growth for Mylo.

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Mylo, a Lockton Company, is a digital insurance agency that offers one-stop shopping from multiple leading carriers for business, home, auto, life insurance, and more. Expert agents use an AI-powered recommendation engine to match customers with the coverage they need at the best price, giving each customer a personalized consultation.

Read on to learn how Mylo prioritized its customer experience (CX) by using GetFeedback to tap into customer feedback to drive revenue and deliver on its brand promise.  

The challenge 

Mylo positions itself as a “powerful advocate” for insurance shoppers–not only helping them save money, but also recommending the right coverage levels to protect their overall financial wellbeing. In a crowded insurance marketplace, delivering on this value proposition was key to accelerating Mylo’s growth as an industry leader.

But Mylo lacked the real-time visibility to determine if it was consistently making the kind of personal connections it needed to have with customers. The company collected data but knew it could get to insights more quickly by plugging it directly into its customer relationship management (CRM) system instead of pulling it manually to analyze. This would allow Mylo to scale its CX program faster.

Because of its complex business, Mylo looked for a sophisticated tool to measure customer responses across multiple products and partnerships. It hoped to use insights proactively to launch new training programs and optimizations that would eliminate pain points and build on its strengths. Mylo knew this would pay off in both revenue and retention.

Mylo turned to GetFeedback’s sophisticated CX platform and its seamless connection with Salesforce to measure customer satisfaction and collect actionable insights. 

Mylo sends surveys through SMS to capture feedback from on the go customers.

Mylo sends surveys through SMS to capture feedback from on the go customers.

Mylo’s Customer Feedback Journey

With GetFeedback, Mylo easily set up its CX program and automated surveys to be sent out through email and SMS after every customer interaction. Within a few weeks, its team identified business-critical insights to act on. GetFeedback Actions helped Mylo automate alerts to stakeholders when negative feedback was received. This allowed the right team members to promptly close the loop with customers and make real-time adjustments to internal processes. 

Mylo was able to identify the key drivers behind missed sales experiences and take action on feedback quickly because of new capabilities which included: 

Complex measurements

Mylo could easily send out multiple surveys on every aspect of customer experience: ease of transaction, expertise of agent, quality of product, and more.


Mylo could correlate feedback with specific products, partnerships, sales teams and individual agents. This enabled coaching opportunities for agents to improve their scores–and market differently to customers of specific products. 


Real-time GetFeedback dashboards gave Mylo intuitive visuals for depicting current ratings and ongoing trends. It could display feedback data for its sales team and across departments–and show them to partners and other external stakeholders.

Key driver data

Mylo began amassing data on which stages of the customer journey were most important to its customers–key drivers helped prioritize optimizations even further.

Mylo identified pain points in the sales experience by taking a pulse throughout the customer journey

Mylo identified pain points in the sales experience by taking a pulse throughout the customer journey.

Acting on customer feedback to deliver a better customer experience 

Implementing these customer-driven changes has been one of several key initiatives that have resulted in month-over-month revenue growth for Mylo. 

In addition, Mylo has continuously improved upon its positive customer experience through agent training that reflected feedback data. Even customers who choose not to purchase insurance often rated Mylo highly for having their best interests at heart.

“We win in the marketplace by providing personalized guidance to every customer,” says Matt Phillip, Mylo marketing automation manager. “GetFeedback has allowed me to elevate my passion for great CX, and make an even bigger difference across a very complex business.” 

Today, customer feedback is a vital part of Mylo’s success. Learn more about getting started with GetFeedback to hear what your customers are really asking for and take action to improve their experience. 

Learn how GetFeedback can help you exceed customers’ expectations—start your free trial today.


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