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Introducing GetFeedback for Salesforce Service Cloud

Customers ask for help through more channels than ever before. GetFeedback for Salesforce Service Cloud helps teams improve every service experience.

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Take your customer service to a new level

Today’s customer service leaders face a daunting challenge: customers are asking for help through an ever-increasing array of channels. At the same time, customer experience is becoming the new battleground for businesses.

And service teams are on the front lines.

To deal with this increasingly fragmented landscape, service teams are turning to customer relationship management (CRM) solutions like Salesforce Service Cloud.

But providing customer service when and where customers demand it is only half the battle. To achieve their goals, service teams also need to recognize how these interactions impact customer relationships.

Introducing GetFeedback for Salesforce Service Cloud

To help customer service leaders meet this modern challenge, we developed GetFeedback for Service Cloud.

GetFeedback for Service Cloud is an omnichannel survey platform designed specifically for businesses running Service Cloud. It enables service teams to measure and improve customer satisfaction across every support channel—and in real time.

With GetFeedback for Service Cloud, you can collect feedback after any interaction through the customer’s preferred channel and device. That gives you more visibility, better case outcomes, and happier customers.

GetFeedback for Service Cloud customers see major improvements in key service metrics

Capture Feedback in any Service Cloud Channel

Whether you’re serving customers through two channels or twenty, GetFeedback for Service Cloud makes it easy to measure the customer experience when and where the interaction takes place. Here are a few examples of how that works.

Phone and Email Support Feedback

Today, phone and email are still two of the most popular ways to provide customer support. GetFeedback for Service Cloud makes it possible to automatically measure and improve those channels by triggering survey emails after any case is closed in the Service Cloud Lightning Console. Embedded survey questions and responsive email templates boost response rates by enabling customers to respond on the go.

Email surveys

Live Agent Feedback

Another popular support channel, Live Agent lets you embed a chat window on any website, so visitors can get quick help when they visit your site. It’s essential to measure the quality of these interactions, but unlike a traditional support case, the customer’s identity is often unknown to the agent.

To overcome this challenge, you can use GetFeedback for Service Cloud to deliver Live Agent feedback surveys directly within the chat window. Customers get a chance to share their thoughts, and managers get visibility into agent performance. You can even turn that web visitor into a lead with contact and lead forms that create and update records in Salesforce.

omni-channel feedback - live agent - happy customers

Social Media Customer Service Feedback

As more customers turn to Twitter and Facebook to share their experiences, social media has emerged as a popular service channel. With Service Cloud’s Social Customer Service, each conversation can be tied to a customer and case.

With each interaction taking place in public for thousands (or even millions) of people to see, the stakes are high. Yet brands are often in the dark when it comes to customer sentiment. GetFeedback for Service Cloud sheds light on each social experience by collecting user feedback through any social channel. When things don’t go well, smart alerts can notify a manager so they can follow up immediately.

Social media survey

Field Service Feedback

Of course, not all customer interactions take place online. For businesses with technicians, consultants, and anyone else delivering products and services in person, face-to-face interactions determine whether a customer stays loyal or looks elsewhere.

Getting objective feedback from customers means giving them a private opportunity to share their experience. With GetFeedback for Service Cloud, a customer can have a survey waiting in their inbox the moment a case is closed by the technician in the Field Service Lightning app. You can even embed it in their confirmation email.

Field service technician survey

Mobile App Service Feedback

For companies with a customer-facing mobile application, offering in-app support can reduce channel-switching and improve resolution times. With Service Cloud’s Snap-Ins, this can even include live video chat.

Until now, getting feedback on those interactions would require building and maintaining an entire new feature-set. Now, with GetFeedback for Service Cloud, you can embed fully responsive surveys with a few lines of code.

In-app feedback surveys

LiveMessage Feedback

For customers that prefer communicating by text message, LiveMessage enables customer service over SMS and Facebook Messenger.

Since GetFeedback for Service Cloud surveys work on any modern smartphone, service teams can end each conversation with a link to share feedback—and a way for businesses to revisit a case if it wasn’t fully resolved.

Text message survey

Improve Case Deflection with Knowledge Base Feedback

Self-service resources like knowledge bases help manage an increasing workload as a company’s support needs grow. A good knowledge article can deflect countless cases each day, but a bad one can just create more frustration for customers seeking answers. Most service teams lack visibility into which articles are underperforming—and why—so they can’t strategically prioritize updates.

GetFeedback for Service Cloud solves this problem in one fell swoop. Using a native Lightning Component, Salesforce admins can add a multi-question survey to every knowledge base article in minutes. Once it’s set up, service managers get constant visibility on article performance as well as reader comments, so they can improve low-scoring articles and cut down on unnecessary questions.

Solicit Customer Input with Community Feedback

Service Cloud Communities provide the ultimate forum for customer knowledge-sharing and peer-to-peer case resolution. Healthy Communities require ongoing moderation though. Service teams need to address customer questions and de-escalate complaints quickly.

By adding surveys directly inside Community pages, managers can collect structured feedback from their most valuable customer advocates. From Voice of the Customer surveys to moderator feedback to member voting, GetFeedback for Service Cloud empowers Community managers to listen and respond to customer needs.

Customer Community Survey

Making Service Cloud Einstein Even Smarter

Getting your customer feedback into Service Cloud does more than help you measure and improve past experiences. It creates better future experiences too.

Service Cloud Einstein, Salesforce’s new artificial intelligence offering for service teams, makes intelligent case routing and assignment decisions based on all your customer data in Salesforce. By giving Einstein visibility into customer satisfaction and agent performance, GetFeedback for Service Cloud makes Einstein’s predictive case management even smarter.

For example, Einstein can move an unhappy VIP customer to the top of your support queue. And an agent who always gets perfect CSAT scores for a particular topic can get those future cases routed to her automatically.

Service Cloud Einstein

Get Started with GetFeedback for Service Cloud

To learn more about GetFeedback for Service Cloud or to start your free trial, visit For current customers, our resource guide on omnichannel customer feedback in Service Cloud will help you take your customer service to the next level.

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