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How YETI Stays Ahead With Feedback

Read how YETI fuels their customer centric values through GetFeedback.

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Today, YETI’s top tier coolers and drinkware have become a symbol of status and trendiness for outdoor enthusiasts. And with good reason! After all, how often can you boast about having a cooler that is bear-proof, fortified from the elements and can withstand even the roughest elements? YETI owners can.

The company’s success hails from their ability to produce need-to-have products inspired by firsthand experiences and their relentless pursuit of delivering the best customer experience. As YETI’s popularity grew, their customer base increased along with it. Striving to deliver the best products, services, and experiences, they adopted GetFeedback to create an omnichannel feedback program that would scale alongside them. 

We sat down with Chris Hogan from YETI to get the inside scoop on how the company uses GetFeedback to understand their customer experience and turn insights into actionable data.

Chris Hogan, Business Analytics and Modeling, YETI

YETI has a cool history. Can you tell us about it?YETI was founded in 2006 by Roy and Ryan Seiders, two brothers from a long line of entrepreneurs. It started with their father, Roger Seiders, who founded one of the most commonly used epoxy blends that is on almost all of the fishing rods on the market today. Right out of college, Roy founded a fishing boat company out on the Texas coast while Ryan founded a high-end fishing rod company. Year after year, summer after summer, they had beautiful boats and fishing rods but the one thing that continued to fall apart was their cooler.

Ryan Seiders standing on an old-style ice chest with a piece of plywood on top and a bungee cord holding it onto the boat.  

True to their entrepreneurial passion, they went out to build a better cooler themselves. By utilizing forward-thinking designs and advanced manufacturing techniques, they developed a nearly indestructible hard cooler with superior ice retention.

What is your role at YETI?I am the Associate Manager of Data Analytics & Modeling for our Customer Engagement Group. I’m responsible for many of the reports and analytics our team uses for team performance, contact trends, and forecasting staff and contact volume. This information helps us to continue to improve the customer experience. We do that by monitoring which avenues our customers are contacting us most frequently on and how we can make that experience the best one possible. The other aspect of my role is project management and system improvements. Similar to launching GetFeedback, I’m also involved in launching solutions like Salesforce’s Einstein Analytics, chat, and a new phone system that improve the customer experience and provide us the opportunity to refine internal processes.

How does feedback play a role at YETI?Feedback is very important and luckily we have GetFeedback! Before GetFeedback, we had to understand our customers by listening to what our team members or outfitters have been hearing on the phone. Now with GetFeedback, we have concrete information that we can speak to.

Feedback is our lightning rod to address issues and it’s also our north star to be able to prioritize our projects, processes, and improvements.

We recently released a Post Purchase Survey on and that gives us feedback regarding to the whole website journey. We also are using GetFeedback to collect insight to the Service Experience; we’ve been running this program for a few months now. It allows us to recover any poor customer service interactions and it helps us identify why customers are calling us to improve that situation.  

What made YETI choose GetFeedback?GetFeedback seamlessly integrates with Salesforce. Everything flows back and forth very easily and the customization is almost limitless with how you can control the data coming into Salesforce. We have the ability to display feedback data on custom objects or standard objects, as well as using the native reporting and dashboards that are available. Not to mention being able to feed data into Einstein Analytics to really make data actionable. GetFeedback also allows for us to customize the experience on the consumer side. We can limit the number of surveys they’re receiving from us and not be hit with multiple surveys from different groups across the organization. Because GetFeedback integrates with Salesforce, we can marry our feedback data with other customer data we have across the organization and be able to give that full view, full picture, and full impact of each touch with the customer.

How is YETI using GetFeedback today?Our first use case is our service experience survey. This is a program we’ve been wanting to do for a little while here at YETI. It’s a simple One-Touch Email Survey embedded at the bottom of every signature and it gives us real-time accessibility to the customer sentiment. We know how they’re feeling after interacting with our customer service agent. Our supervisors then have the ability to follow up, contact them and remedy that situation or experience and convert them to be a customer for life.

GetFeedback helps YETI send stunning One-Touch Email Surveys to close the loop on customer support interactions.

We have the ability to look at our service experience score as an aggregate and at a granular level. This allows us to identify how the service team is doing as a whole and our true performance as an organization. From there, we break it down by individual performance to know how each person is doing. We can identify areas in teams that need additional coaching or more performance review feedback. We also identify interactions that require an immediate follow up, which can be the most important section on the grid for us to review. Our supervisors and leadership team are monitoring it daily to make sure we recover those interactions as quickly as possible.

Our second use case is our purchase experience survey. Purchase satisfaction is something that is vital to our digital team. A survey is triggered after a customer checks out on and it monitors their effort to purchase on our website. Was it easy to navigate? Was the checkout process clear and concise? Did you find it cumbersome? We’re able to identify specific steps throughout that journey to improve the process based on the feedback we get from customers. What’s great about these surveys is they link directly back to the customer survey object that we’ve created in Salesforce. So all of these can be reported against one another. We can report as a whole, we can report number of interactions by each customer, and we can identify which of the surveys have the most hits compared to one another.

YETI sends a purchase experience survey to their customers after every ecommerce transaction to ensure a smooth shopping experience.

Has feedback influenced any business decisions based on your findings? If so, care to share any wins?Understanding the root cause of a great or negative experience gives us the foundation to create a thoughtful strategy and prioritize our policies and how we build out a team.

One of the biggest wins is the ability to quickly reach out to a customer who did not have the experience we aim for and quickly turn it around. This not only gives us information to make changes but more importantly, it gives us a second chance to gain back our customer’s loyalty. Our customers are the heartbeat of our company and the driver of why we do what we do.

This tool gives us the ability to serve them better.

How does YETI use GetFeedback to fuel Einstein Analytics?With GetFeedback’s seamless integration with Salesforce, we now have all of our survey responses connected to our service data. This allows us to display customer contact data, service history and survey responses at the customer service agent’s fingertips while we’re interacting with the customer. We use Einstein Analytics to visualize our feedback data and are able to quickly identify trends across our team. Einstein Analytics allows us to use our existing data to truly know and connect with each of our customers.

Here at GetFeedback, we believe in an omnichannel experience to connect with customers. What does an omnichannel experience mean to YETI?People across different generations or personalities prefer something different. Sometimes they contact us from outside hours and we want to provide them information for the quickest resolution.

A customer service omnichannel experience to us means meeting the customer where they want, whether that’s self-service, chat, email, text or phone conversation.

Understanding that most people are browsing the web through mobile and not desktop, we want to be mindful of these things to continue to expand.

What does YETI’s feedback program have in store for the future?YETI is constantly trying to be the leading edge. Not only with our products and our brand, but we’re also trying to do the same with our systems and processes. Next on the doorstep for us in terms of omnichannel service is Salesforce Chat (Live Agent) and text messaging. In the future, we want to do video messaging so if a customer wants to FaceTime with us, we’re going to be available, have bright and shiny faces ready to greet them in the channel they prefer. It’s all about being where your customers are and being able to interact with them at the pace and the venue of their choice. That’s why we’re setting ourselves up with GetFeedback and Salesforce as these platforms can carry us into not only 2019, but to 2020 and 2021.

What are you waiting for? Grab your YETI Tumbler ’cause it’s time to hit the outdoors!

Wrap upAt their core, YETI is a brand that not only cares about their products but also the people they serve. They strongly believe that their customers aren’t just customers but rather fans of their brand. These fans are the heartbeat of their company that fuels them to deliver the best experience possible. And with GetFeedback, YETI is able to take a pulse on their fanbase every step of the way, no matter the venue. Customer feedback helps YETI navigate and implement processes to continuously improve their products and services. Whether it’s through a digital interaction or connecting with an outfitter, YETI is dedicated to showing them the true meaning of a great customer experience with a human-touch.

See how YETI leverages GetFeedback to deliver a smooth customer experience.Check out their case study.

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