7 Add-Ons That Improve the E-Commerce Experience

The e-commerce experience is the key to success for online retailers. Anand Srinivasan of Hubbion shares 7 simple web elements that make all the difference.


Anand Srinivasan

March 23, 2018

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This is a guest post by Anand Srinivasan, founder of Hubbion.

Unlike brick-and-mortars, online retailers can’t rely on human touchpoints to drive sales. The e-commerce experience is the key to their success, and the details often make all the difference. Here are 7 details online retailers can’t afford to overlook.

1. Live Chat

A standard product page includes the brand name, product descriptions and photos, and reviews from past buyers. From the consumer’s perspective, that may not be enough. If they can’t find info on the fit and fabric quality of a jacket they’re eyeing, they’ll think twice before buying. Consumers want quick answers to their product questions when they’re browsing your website. That’s why live chat is absolutely imperative for online retailers today. Just like in-store associates, live chat agents can answer questions on the spot and influence purchase decisions.

2. Frequently Asked Questions

Does your customer support team field the same questions again and again? Adding FAQs to your product pages can cut out a significant chunk of those pre-sale queries. It’s always smart to aggregate these questions into an FAQ section below the product specifications and answer them comprehensively. You can even go a step further, including a community Q&A section like Amazon does. Shoppers can ask questions and get answers from the seller and previous buyers.

3. High-Resolution Product Photos

Many online retailers still make the mistake of using supplier-sourced images on their website. Since product photos often seal the deal for shoppers, it’s a wasted opportunity. Sharing high-resolution photos from a variety of angles and perspectives is the best way to convince a shopper to buy. You can even allow past buyers to upload photos of themselves wearing or using your products, which gives shoppers a more realistic look.

4. Product Videos

If images are worth a thousand words, videos are worth a million. Product videos take the e-commerce experience to the next level, educating shoppers on features and specifications in a way text and images just can’t. This is especially valuable for complex products that are hard to explain, like Raspberry Pi, the popular ICT (Integrated Circuit) maker for students. The company includes an explainer video on their product page that covers their capabilities in laymen’s terms and acts as a short sales pitch.

5. Personalized Recommendations

Online shoppers don’t always know what they want. Offering personalized recommendations based on a customer’s unique preferences is a simple way to drive sales. There are a variety of ways to do this. Many retailers showcase related items at the bottom of product pages. Others get a bit more creative. For example, men’s grooming company BeardBrand uses a quiz to develop clearer profiles of its customers. The store then provides product recommendations based on the answers.

6. About Us page

Purchases may happen on the product page, but many other factors impact the decision-making process, including how credible your brand appears. A whopping majority of first-time visitors explore the About Us page to learn more about a company. This is the place to tell your story, share photos of your team, and highlight any media attention you’ve received.

7. Contact Us page

Similarly, giving customers a quick route to support through a Contact Us page is essential for retailers. Be sure to include an email form, street address (ideally, not just a P.O. box), and links to other helpful resources. The easier it is for customers to find answers, the faster they’ll reach the checkout page.

About the Author

Anand Srinivasan is the founder of Hubbion, a project management app for SMBs. Hubbion has been rated among the top 20 in its category by Capterra.

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