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Zen Internet prioritizes the Customer Experience with GetFeedback for Salesforce

Zen Internet became a top-tier ISP by providing top-class customer service. Read on to see how the company set up a feedback loop to continually improve its CX.

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Zen Internet is the “UK’s best broadband.” 

It’s a big claim for a company that started small, with just two employees in 1995. Just over 25 years later, Zen Internet employs nearly 500 staff and provides service to over 100,000 customers across the UK.

Despite the impressive growth, Zen Internet’s fundamental objective remains unchanged: “Happy staff, Happy customers, and Happy suppliers.” 

But can you claim to have “happy customers” if you aren’t measuring customer feedback to back this up?

Read on to find out how Zen Internet set up a feedback loop with GetFeedback to validate these claims while delivering world-class customer experience (CX).   

Operating in the Dark 

Zen Internet lacked visibility into the customer experience it delivered because it didn’t have a proper feedback program in place. 

Like most new companies looking to implement a new feedback program, Zen Internet started small and used a personal survey account that had limited survey distribution capabilities and lacked scalability. As a result, Zen Internet’s team could only survey a random number of customers from a subset group to stay within the personal account’s limitations. The resulting data told an inaccurate story of their entire customer base.

As a consequence, while the company was winning awards for best ISP in the nation, it had no data to back up the claim. 

With the support from its leadership, Zen Internet decided it was critical to obtain measurable metrics on where it stood. Led by Simon Whight, Zen Internet’s Platform Technical Architect and CX expert, the team was on a mission to obtain measurable metrics to really tell a story.

Closing the Loop With GetFeedback for Salesforce

Since Zen Internet used Salesforce as its CRM, switching to GetFeedback felt like the natural next step. The seamless integration between both tools offered a practical advantage. Simon handpicked GetFeedback knowing it would scale with the company’s growth and the ease of use was crucial to eliminate unnecessary clutter in its tech stack. 

“The surveys go out, they work, the results come in, they work. There's not much more a person can ask from that,” says Simon.

Zen Internet integrated GetFeedback with Salesforce and distributed Net Promoter Score® (NPS) surveys to its entire customer base. Simon and his team were then able to extract key metrics and provide actionable insights to teams and leaders.


NPS surveys are a great way to measure customer loyalty and identify advocates. 

Results from its Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) survey gave Zen Internet the opportunity to close the loop with customers who were unsatisfied with their support interaction. With agents tasked to recover poor customer experiences, the company made sure every customer was treated like family.

Although it doesn't stop there. On a macro-level, Simon also wanted to share the findings with the wider organization in a way that encouraged action. The integration made it easy for Salesforce admins like Simon to organize data, based on what is important for the business. Through customized dashboards, Simon was able to share key information with various teams without visual clutter. The numbers provided reassurance to the executives, but it also triggered a sea-change in how they think about CX. “It's starting to make people think beyond just a number you see in an email,” Simon says. “It's becoming part of the work culture and people want to take care of that.”

A Customer Experience Program That Works 

Following the GetFeedback for Salesforce integration, Simon and his team were able to validate what they already knew: they had world-class customer service, which is unheard of in the telecoms industry. 

  • With an NPS of +74, they could prove their status as the #1 ISP in the nation. Zen Internet could now use this claim for marketing purposes because they have the data to back it up. 

  • The company also distributed a CSAT survey and found that 87% of their customers gave them a 5-star rating with a survey response rate of 22% –  “mad high,” says Simon.

  • Zen Internet is now implementing a Leaver Survey, which asks churning customers why they are choosing to leave. This data helps Zen Internet identify problems with renewals to minimize churn. 


GetFeedback CSAT surveys can set custom notifications to alert agents when action is necessary. 

Focusing on the Customer Experience

Without data, you can’t ensure that your customer’s expectations are met. That’s why Simon is particularly happy with GetFeedback’s seamless integration with Salesforce. Having a solution inside Salesforce gives Simon the freedom to find actionable insights from data that can be relied on. 

Zen Internet’s focus on a CX approach to business is refreshing in the telecom industry. Now, the company hopes to continue its growth while delivering the best customer services to its clients. 

“We’re lucky to be a company where people treat us like one of the family,” says Simon. A customer relationship goal every business ought to strive for.

Simon profile bio

Simon Whight is the Platform Technical Architect at Zen Internet – the UK’s #1 rated ISP by PC Pro, Which? and Broadband Genie - with 10 years’ experience on the Salesforce platform in industries across social housing, private healthcare, and HR & employment consultancy. He is currently a Lightning App Developer Champion and has successfully implemented two CX programmes using GetFeedback using the Lightning development framework.

Learn more about Zen Internet.

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