Getting Started with GetFeedback for Salesforce

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Here you'll find an overview of our GetFeedback for Salesforce help articles. These articles will outline the process of setting up Salesforce integrated surveys to help you collect feedback—and do something valuable with it.

General Setup

Connecting to Salesforce
Managing your Salesforce Integration (for GetFeedback team administrators)

Custom Mappings

Setting up Custom Mappings
Distributing and Mapping Merge Fields to Salesforce
Salesforce Field Data Types
Using Conditional Mappings

Managed Mappings

Getting Started with Managed Mappings
A Deep Dive into Managed Mappings

Salesforce Distribution Options

Displaying a Post Chat survey
Distributing your Survey via Salesforce Workflow
Send Automated Emails from GetFeedback using Salesforce
Sending a Survey with a Visualforce Template
Emailing a Survey with a Salesforce Report
Sending a Survey via SMS

Further Salesforce Integration Support

Re-Syncing Responses to Salesforce
Troubleshooting Salesforce Integration

If you need any further help, you can always reach out to our support team at

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