Introduction to Survey Creation

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Creating a survey is easy with GetFeedback. To get started, click Create New Survey on the My Surveys page of your GetFeedback account. A survey has three primary sections: A title page, a series of questions, and an exit page.

How to Build your GetFeedback Survey

Branding and the Theme Editor

The theme editor is located in the left sidebar at the top of the survey builder. Customize the look and feel of your survey with the theme editor. Edit your survey background, font, questions, answers, and buttons to align with your brand. You can edit your theme and font at any point in the survey creation process. If you’re uploading a custom image for your survey background, we recommend an image size around 1024x768. We only support these file types : jpeg, pjpeg, gif, png, x-png, bmp, x-bmp.


To ensure the text of GetFeedback surveys render beautifully on many kinds of browsers, font sizes cannot be altered in our survey builder.


Title Page

The title page is a place to introduce the survey, and set the tone and expectations for respondents. Provide your survey title, a description, and a logo or other image that identifies the survey.


Choose to add or remove an image by checking the box in the customization menu on the right side of the builder.

Add Questions

Add new questions by clicking New Question in the left sidebar. Type your question text on the page and select your question type. Check out our survey question types for further clarification on how to use each one.

The design and text of NPS, CSAT, and CES answer options can’t be customized because these are industry standard questions.


If using a Salesforce integrated plan, you will see Salesforce specific questions.


Editing Questions

Edit question text or answer options within a survey at any time. Edits are immediately visible on any active survey. Editing a response option will change the text on the survey, but will not change the text of any previously collected responses.

If you need to make any large edits to your survey, we recommend turning off survey response collection to make sure the survey flow is not interrupted.

Exit and Redirect Pages

Choose if you want to add a Thank You exit page or a URL redirect exit page.

Thank You Exit Page

This page includes a title, description, image, and button to signify the survey is complete. Associate a link with the button for the respondent to direct your participants to your marketing site. If the button is blank, we'll remove it when the survey is completed.

URL Redirect

This page allows you to set a URL to direct your respondent to immediately after they click the submit button on the final question of your survey.


Delete a Question

To delete a question from a survey, hover over the specific question in the left-hand menu panel. A small 'X' will appear in the corner of the question slide. Clicking the ' X' will delete the question from your survey.


Please note: Deleting a question from your survey will also delete the associated responses.

Add Images and Video

Include rich media in your GetFeedback survey, like images branding or a video. Select the I mage icon on a question to bring up the image dialogue box. From here, you can search for a Google Image or upload an image from your computer. Once inserted, you can re-size the image if needed.

Embed a video in your survey by pasting a URL from YouTube or Vimeo into the Embed Video option.


Preview a Survey

Click the preview menu in the top right of your survey builder to see how it will appear to recipients. Preview how your survey will look on a smartphone, tablet, or web browser by clicking each browser preview button.


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