10 things to consider when selecting a Voice of the Customer solution

How to choose the right Voice of the Customer solution for your CX program.

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What is a Voice of the Customer solution? 

The best way to discover how you can optimize your digital channels is by giving your customers the opportunity to leave digital feedback. Gathering customer feedback through a Voice of the Customer (VoC) solution is a high-grossing ROI program, often uncovering issues that would never be identified through Web analytics, offline surveys, or even usability testing. 

A VoC tool makes it easy for visitors of your digital channels to communicate directly with you about their experience, without interfering with their overall purchase journey or other actions you wish them to take on the site. With VoC feedback, you can: 

Keep track of common complaints made by your online visitors—and then test different options for fixing the problems; 

Make it easier for customers to purchase the products they want online; 

Learn about key product or service attributes that are important to visitors; 

Use the ideas you’ve gathered from visitors to improve your offerings or other elements of your customer experience; 

Learn about features or functions of your site that aren’t working as intended (or don’t currently exist); 

Identify new opportunities for testing conversion paths and/or page elements. 

The right VoC solution can give you great insight into how customers experience your digital channels, and uncover ways to improve them. But which VoC solution is right for your business? And if it’s right for today, can you be sure that it will still meet your needs as your business grows? Which solution gives you the biggest ROI?

There are an overwhelming amount of tools that allow you to gather feedback from your visitors easily and effectively. But finding the best VoC tool can be a challenge, but it doesn’t have to be. In this guide, we look at 10 things to look for in a VoC provider.

1. They have a proven track record 

Before even looking at the technology and product capabilities, knowing that the company has proven success as VoC provider and thought leader is imperative. Looking at things like constant innovation of their product or industry-wide recognition is a good start. Seeing things like the provider being published in industry reports, like Forrester, or having great reviews on sites like G2 Crowd means the provider has praised both from the industry and peers. 

Another great thing to consider is if they publish content on VoC best practices or things related to UX, CX, and Marketing best practices. A VoC provider who is able to provide this type of insight understands common trends and also able understand how their solution fits into the marketplace. 

2. They fit the needs of your organization 

The VoC solution you select needs to address your key business objectives. A VoC should be capable of providing insights into areas such as customer satisfaction, conversion optimization, digital usability, and much more. 

For example, if you are looking to increase customer satisfaction it is important that your program provides insights into how to improve satisfaction and integrates with your CX management tool. And is able to track things like NPS score and CES. 

Additionally, make a list of the most important features your VoC should include. This will help to keep the three main stages of a feedback program in mind: collection, analysis and taking action. Organizing what you need your VoC solution to be capable of will help you decide on what provider to go with based on business objectives. 

3. They are secure & compliant 

Before selecting a VoC solution provider, it’s recommended to confirm that the solution adheres to the highest security standards on the market. 

A VoC solution provider should offer multiple features to control and administrate visibility and access to data. A secure VoC solution should empower both IT and end-users to effectively manage their business and data. When researching a VoC solution look at features function in the context of authentication, permissions, access control, and privacy control. 

Also, the VoC solution provider should take steps to securely develop and test against security threats to ensure the safety of your customer data. They should perform automated and manual application security testing and work with third-party specialists on a regular basis to identify and patch potential security vulnerabilities and bugs. 

4. They can support all your digital channels 

When selecting a VoC solution, ensure that it can collect feedback on all your digital channels. This includes your website on a desktop, tablet, or mobile format, your app, and email. 

The right VoC provider should offer an experience that makes it easy for your visitors to provide feedback, regardless of whatever they are using. Being able to collect feedback in real-time, across all digital channels and touchpoints, at the moment of truth improves both the rate and quality of customer feedback- for maximum business value? 

Also when selecting a VoC solution ensure that it is intuitive & is optimized to collect mobile feedback. The right VoC should be able to collect device-specific feedback & optimize your website for different screen sizes. 

5. They have the ability to run different types of campaigns 

Your VoC solution should provide you with the ability to run and manage multiple types of campaigns. And the ability to collect different types of feedback from your customers. 

The right VoC solution will allow you to customize exit surveys, detailed questionnaires, and more so you can better understand your customer. Being able to run different types of campaigns gives you insight into different areas of your customer’s digital journey. This insight is extremely impactful as it allows you to optimize different parts of the customer journey based on this collected feedback. 

Having the ability to run different campaigns simultaneously also you give the ability to collect important items ranging from usability improvements to NPS at the same time. 

6. They offer robust reporting 

A first-class VoC solution should provide some form of reporting capabilities. It should offer tools that allow you to easily analyze collected data from different angles and make smarter decisions to better impact your digital channels. 

The VoC provider you select should offer reports highlighting the emotional customer sentiment to A/B test results. A robust VoC should have the capabilities to present data visually and coherently, making it easier to see where you need to take action and other common trends. 

Another important element of reporting is the ability to capture screenshots of specific sessions or user activity. The ability to have a feedback item paired with a screenshot as well as HTML & metadata makes the feedback collected more impactful and actionable. 

7. They work in real-time 

The ability to actively ask your users for feedback gives you real-time insights to better improve and make improvements when it matters. 

The right VoC solution will report all insights in real-time and your data will be available to you as soon as the customer submits it. This allows you to act on feedback immediately and attend to urgent matters such as customer complaints and major bugs as soon as they're reported. 

Also, a VoC that offers feedback notifications can ensure that you stay on top of everything happening on your website or app, direct feedback to appropriate team members. 

8. They offer a fully customizable solution 

The right VoC solution should be an extension of your brand and shouldn’t deter your customers from providing feedback. And should be able to do what you need your VoC solution to do. 

Having a VoC solution that allows you to choose your own color, style, shape, and add your branding to the entire feedback process makes it a seamless extension of the digital process. 

Also, the ability to design and ask specific feedback questions is imperative to getting the right insight from your customers and to track specific KPI’s that matter to your business.

9. They support integrations 

Having a VoC solution that integrates with other solutions and platforms is imperative, as it allows you to understand and act on your feedback. 

A VoC solution that integrates with Google Analytics helps understand your website’s numbers, offering qualitative data to your quantitative data. And when a visitor leaves feedback with an email address on your website, the right VoC solution and a Zendesk integration can allow your CX team to follow-up with the mand engage on a deeper level. 

10. They provide unlimited support 

While the right VoC platform should be easy to use by a non-techie person, it should still offer unlimited customer support. 

A VoC solution that offers unlimited customer support will save you time and resources. You should be able to access your VoC support team 24/7 in case of emergencies and their support team should also be proactive and reach out directly to collaborate. 

So when selecting a solution, ensure you have the support of a dedicated team that has a track record of delivering results who will get the most out of your VoC investment. 

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