8 Exceptional Examples of Interactive Product Pages


Cassandra Michael

July 20, 2015

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We all love the ease, comfort and perks that come with shopping online. ; you can view, purchase and own practically anything in just a few clicks, all without having to leave your couch.

However, there is a crucial element that will always be missing and that only comes with traditional retail spaces: experiencing the product physically. It is argued that sight, sound, taste, smell and touch all significantly enhance the customer experience.

So as an ecommerce site, how do you bridge this gap?

Large companies around the world are trying to compensate for this online limitation by providing interactive product pages. This enhances the customer journey by creating the illusion of being able to fully ‘experience’ the product, as you would in a physical store. Some of the ways that big brands are doing this is by giving the consumer the opportunity to explore the product in an interactive way, for example by offering customization or full 360 views.

The main challenge here, is to effectively push the consumer towards checkout, while still maintaining engagement and conveying the product’s features in a clear and concise way. Many interactive pages might be overwhelming for the consumer and drive focus away from completing a purchase.We’ve rounded up some exceptional examples of interactive product page design that we’ve seen recently. Have a look and let us know what you think!

Sony – Be Moved

This Sony website is an awesome example of parallax design. It presents its flagship products by “breaking” them into parts and allowing the consumer to put them back together with their mouse scroll. The concept is highly interactive and maintains your attention perfectly. You just want to keep  scrolling! Some products are accompanied by short videos and also include links to the Sony Store and other online shops like Amazon, T-mobile and Best Buy.


Brickfielder is a British company that designs and produces innovative windproof golf shirts. Their brilliantly  designed product page allows you to explore the shirt in detail; from the technology used to produce it, to a close inspection of the fabric and the benefits that any golfer can take advantage of.


If you  have your first child on the way, buying the perfect stroller is of utmost importance – especially if you are going to spend more than 1000 euros on  it! Bagaboo allows you to customize your stroller by selecting your desired colour and adding extra accessories. The design is clean and intuitive and allows the consumer to quickly proceed to checkout.

Bellroy – Slim your Wallet

As stated by the company itself: “Bellroy exists to slim your wallet”.  And boy did they do a fantastic job of visualizing this! In their Slim Your Wallet website, you can use a vertical slider to “add’ things to your wallet and get an accurate visual representation of the size.


Have you ever eyed a great pair of shoes but did not buy them because they would “get ruined in the rain” or “be too hot for the summer”? Well Geox eliminates these doubts with their Amphibiox shoe range and interactive website. You can select the weather condition of your choice and see the effect rain, sun or snow has on the product. Geox has combined narrated video with interactive elements, ingeniously conveying the competitive advantage of this shoe range: “perfect for any weather condition”.

Fitbit ChargeHR

Fitbit presents its ChargeHR wristband in a scrollable journey of product exploration. In a vertical scroll you can get clear picture of the various features, the watch display and the product benefits. A clear “Buy Now” CTA pushes the consumer fast and easily to the next step of the funnel.

Bruggler – Watch Creator

Swiss start-up Bruggler allows you to create your custom watch in their beautifully designed interface. Customize almost every part of the watch: the case, the engraving, the movement (quartz/automatic), the bracelet, the dials, the hands and even the colour of their logo!

Bjorn Borg – RFLX

Bjorn Borg has a range of reflective products that are ideal for sporting at night. They have implemented a simple and clean website concept that presents each product in its reflective state as you scroll down.

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