Optimize Business Operations With Surveys for Salesforce

Three different ways to leverage integrated surveys with Salesforce to help modernize your business operations and deliver great CX.


Sara Staffaroni

March 16, 2020

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GetFeedback is well known for being a customer feedback solution for Salesforce. We help our customers bring the voice of their customers into Salesforce so they can take action on critical feedback, fuel retention, and drive growth. 

But surveys can be leveraged for more than just customer feedback. We see our customers using surveys in really creative ways due to how closely GetFeedback surveys can integrate with Salesforce.

Surveys can be used as forms to input data or update information that can then be mapped into Salesforce. Once that data is in Salesforce you can trigger business processes and leverage analytics to work faster and smarter. 

Below, we share three different ways to leverage integrated surveys to help modernize your business operations:

  1. Optimizing business processes with survey data.

  2. Improving data hygiene by mapping survey responses to key fields in Salesforce.

  3. Fueling Einstein AI features with more data to make Einstein even smarter.

Three ways to get more out of surveys for Salesforce 

At its heart, the GetFeedback integration for Salesforce is about using customer data to provide a great experience. This obviously applies when you’re surveying customers for feedback, but there are a ton of other opportunities to capture and act on customer data. Right from lead prospecting through to supporting customers through their journey, surveys can help you make the most of your data. 

Optimize business processes

Businesses run on data. But collecting and organizing all of that data in a meaningful way can be difficult. Manual entry is slow and has the opportunity for error.  So instead of collecting data in one system and then trying to use it in another, combine the process to make it more effective. 

In this first use case, you can leverage surveys as forms throughout the Salesforce Lightning user experience to help your teams input data from customers better. 

To embed surveys into the user experience, download our Flow Template from the AppExchange and launch surveys instantly from custom buttons. Or you can even embed forms and surveys in an existing Flow or business process that you’ve already created. 

We’ve seen customers use surveys like this in a variety of ways. For example: 

  • Lead Qualification: embed your lead qualification questions as a form in Salesforce to collect data easily in a simple user interface. Ensure no question gets missed and all the data is stored correctly. 

  • Onsite Field Sales Audits: take surveys on the go to make sure nothing gets lost in the field. 

  • In-store Product Recommendations: collect and understand your customers’ preferences right in-store and save them in your Salesforce instance for further action. 

Using clicks instead of keystrokes, you can reduce input errors and garner higher quality data to improve the overall business outcomes.

Improving data hygiene

Data errors cost businesses 30% in revenue every year. Even a small keystroke error can skew your data and cause your team to miss out on an opportunity. 

This second use case is around improving data hygiene using data from surveys to enhance customer records. When you’ve integrated GetFeedback with Salesforce, you can map all of your customer surveys to fields in Salesforce. That way, every time a customer gives you an updated piece of information, adds detail to their profile or selects a preference in an NPS survey, the information is automatically updated in Salesforce.

Whenever you’re getting feedback from a customer, take this as an opportunity to weave a preference or profiling question into the survey to update customer profiles and fill gaps in account data. 

For example, if you send an NPS survey, ask to confirm their location to enhance demographic data or add a question asking which products or services the customer is most interested in.

We call this progressive profiling, and it’s an important tool in the fight against survey fatigue. Instead of asking customers for every piece of information upfront, choose a selection of different questions each time they open a survey. The data will add together over time to create a full, rich picture of the customer. 

use surveys with salesforce for business operations

Fueling customer data with more context helps your team market, sell and support customers better by having a more holistic view of the customer. 

Fuel Einstein AI

Getting your customer feedback into Salesforce does more than help you to measure and improve past experiences. It creates better future customer experiences too.

Einstein, Salesforce’s artificial intelligence offering, automates intelligent case routing and assignment decisions based on all your customer data in Salesforce. By giving Einstein visibility into metrics like customer satisfaction and agent performance, GetFeedback makes Einstein’s predictive functionality even smarter.

For example, Einstein can move an unhappy VIP customer to the top of your support queue. And an agent who always gets perfect CSAT scores for a particular topic can get those future cases routed to her automatically.

Fueling customer data with preference information helps your team market, sell, and support customers better with a more holistic view of the customer. 

use surveys with salesforce for business operations Einstein AI

Resources to help you get started

To help you to start taking full advantage of GetFeedback for Salesforce, we’ve compiled a list of resources that will get you from beginner to expert. 

Integrate GetFeedback with Salesforce

Plan your customer survey journey

Create your customer surveys in GetFeedback

Map GetFeedback survey fields to Salesforce records 

Automate workflows using Salesforce Einstein


If you’re already using GetFeedback and Salesforce, there’s a whole new world for you to explore. Branch out from using surveys to only collect customer feedback and start using them to enrich the customer data you’ve already collected. 

By using GetFeedback’s user-friendly interface to collect customer profile data, you can power up your business processes, improve your data hygiene and make Einstein even smarter.

Learn how GetFeedback can help you exceed customers’ expectations—start your free trial today.

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