How to scale personalized customer experiences

A recap of GetFeedback and Salesforce’s session at the 2nd Annual CX Impact Summit, featuring Natalie Roberts, Senior ISV Partner Account Manager at Salesforce.


Sara Staffaroni

March 7, 2022

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Personalized customer experience will boost customer loyalty in 2022. In fact, our 2022 State of CX Report states that 73% of CX leaders have increased their efforts to provide personalized experiences for their customers. 

The key is establishing how to provide custom experiences at scale. That’s where the GetFeedback and Salesforce integration comes in. At our 2021 CX Impact Summit, we dove into this topic in a live session featuring Natalie Roberts, senior ISV partner account manager at Salesforce, and GetFeedback’s very own Shonnah Hughes, global product growth & innovation evangelist. 

Below are the session’s key takeaways. You can find the recording here.

The GetFeedback and Salesforce integration 

GetFeedback is the number one rated feedback solution for Salesforce. Our partnership enables CX leaders to build personalized survey experiences across all channels and get a real, 360° view of their customer experience. 

Together, the two solutions provide an omnichannel platform for listening, understanding, and acting on customer feedback.

GF + Salesforce integration

Listening to your customers means being available for real-time feedback on their preferred channel(s). Understanding customer feedback refers to uncovering key trends and customer sentiment that will impact your business. And finally, acting on feedback means retaining and expanding your customer base by quickly resolving poor experiences and jumping on new opportunities to delight customers. 

This three-pillar approach––listen, understand, and act––combined with the 360° view of the customer journey from the GetFeedback and Salesforce integration, empowers truly personalized customer experiences. 

Let’s dive into each pillar, starting with Listen. 

Pillar 1: Listen  

Customer’s needs are constantly evolving, and CX technology should too. Similarly, as Salesforce evolves, so does GetFeedback. We stay in lockstep to ensure we’re always running at the same speed of innovation for our mutual customers. 

Through our integration, CX leaders can send personalized surveys with customer object fields from Salesforce, providing a tailored experience that increases response rates.

GF Listen

A personalized experience begins with meeting customers where they are by providing a listening channel across the customer journey, whether on the phone or via a chatbot. 

Take the Salesforce AppExchange, for example. After every user interaction, the Salesforce chatbot asks a question that can be either answered by the bot or someone from the support team. After an interaction is complete, an automated feedback survey is triggered directly within the chat. Meeting the customer where they already are, Salesforce is able to increase response rates and provide a seamless experience for the customer. 

The key is to understand where each customer prefers to communicate with your brand. And by integrating feedback with customer data, you’ll be able to know each individual’s preference at scale. 

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Pillar 2: Understand 

To deeply understand your customers and get instant insights on how to improve your customer experience (and personalize them!), you need a centralized location for both your customer and operational data. This allows leadership across the organization to make swift, strategic business decisions. 

By pairing feedback with customer data from Salesforce, you can get a complete view of your customer’s experience and easily identify which accounts are at risk and which have an opportunity to upsell or cross-sell. You can also connect customer experience data to revenue and retention metrics, making it possible to demonstrate the business impact of your CX initiatives.

GF Understand

With GetFeedback, you can also build custom dashboards by brand, region, or channel and filter by any customer attribute. Only by having such flexibility and real-time holistic insight can you provide the customized experience that all customers want, all while providing transparent CX data across your organization for cross-functional accountability. 

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Pillar 3: Act

Listening and understanding customers are all necessary steps to take strategic, real-time action to improve the customer experience. With the GetFeedback and Salesforce integration, you can empower teams to quickly act on feedback––without disrupting their workflow––and drive organizational change.

GF act

Salesforce’s automation engine, coupled with GetFeedback’s solution, enables CX leaders to act in real time, whether it’s: 

  • Creating custom notifications for your team to act on feedback based on customer attributes, sentiment, etc.

  • Setting up workflows and alerts based on role, so the right individuals in the organization can quickly take action

  • Sending critical feedback through Slack, escalating technical issues in Jira, triggering customer follow-up in Salesforce, and more 

These features empower CX teams to make smart, immediate decisions to provide more personalized experiences at scale. 

Here’s an example of how GetFeedback and Salesforce work together, provided in the CXIS session by Salesforce’s Natalie Roberts:  

“Let’s say I’m a customer browsing on a retail website for shoes. I come across a pair of shoes that I like, and I see that they're offered in four different colors. I select the brown colored shoes that I'm interested in purchasing. But the shoe’s color doesn't change from blue to brown. Right there on the webpage, I can provide feedback [using one of GetFeedback’s website surveys], and I say, ‘I wanted to buy the brown shoes. It's not changing to the color that I'm interested in. I’m not going to purchase something if I can't see what it looks like.

“As the customer, I'm most likely going to leave that website and go look for those shoes somewhere else. However, through the GetFeedback and Salesforce integration, the customer’s feedback would trigger an automated alert to the support rep managing a case queue within their Salesforce instance. Seeing the alert, that  support rep could  pick up the phone and call that customer, or send an email with a discount code, incentivizing them to come back to the site.” 

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An example of how Salesforce uses GetFeedback

Salesforce uses GetFeedback across multiple different departments. But specifically for the partnered program and partner team, GetFeedback is used for their quarterly employee surveys, partner innovation surveys, and the tech and product survey that feeds into the partner's trailblazer score. 

Here is Roberts: 

“Once a quarter, we send out a survey [using GetFeedback] which allows partners to provide information around new products that they're aligning to, new clouds that they're developing for, and new technology that they're building into their managed package. This is how we, the Salesforce partner team, listen to our partners. We collect that data, understand where the gaps are, and act on this insight by creating one-on-one workshops and new programs that will help our partners meet their technology goals.” 

Personalized experiences are the future of CX 

GetFeedback's customer data and feedback collection, coupled with Salesforce as a system of record––using workflows, automation, and triggers––allows you to deliver a better, more personalized customer experience, which helps to increase revenue and retain your customer base.

For more on how to seamlessly integrate GetFeedback’s powerful analytics with Salesforce to deliver personalized experiences at scale, check out this guide

We had a fantastic lineup of speakers at CX Impact Summit 2021, including Serena Williams, professional athlete and businesswoman, who spoke about embracing diverse leadership, individual empowerment, creativity, and opportunity. 

To watch Serena William’s session and for more tips on how to thrive in the new era of customer experience, watch the 2021 CX Impact Summit on-demand.

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