Boosting Case Deflection with Knowledge Base Surveys

Maintaining a knowledge base gets exponentially more complicated as a business grows. That's where knowledge base surveys can help.


Keith Weissglass

May 24, 2017

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For customer service teams, time is a particularly precious resource. Customer service agents have to resolve issues efficiently while giving customers personalized care. That gets increasingly difficult as case volume grows and service channels expand.

That’s why knowledge bases are so popular. By arming customers with resources to answer their own questions, everyone wins. Customers can resolve issues on their own time and agents can focus on customers who need a bit more help.

The Challenge: Keeping Knowledge Base Articles Up to Date

Each knowledge base article can potentially deflect countless support cases. Yet ask service leaders how they feel about their knowledge base, and the answer is often “not great.”

That’s because maintaining a knowledge base gets exponentially more complicated as a business grows. Not only does the number of articles increase, but so do the number of products, plans, languages, and use cases they must incorporate.

The Need: Knowledge Base Feedback

How can service teams at growing companies keep their knowledge base afloat? In a word: feedback. Knowing which articles are negatively impacting customer satisfaction makes it possible to prioritize.

But knowing which articles need improvement isn’t enough. You also need to know why they aren’t meeting customer needs.

That’s where knowledge base surveys can help. By embedding an interactive survey in each article, customers can rate articles and provide feedback on what the article is missing.

The Solution: Embedded Knowledge Base Article Surveys

If knowledge base surveys sound daunting, don’t worry—they’re actually super easy to set up. You can embed a GetFeedback survey in your knowledge base (or practically any webpage) with a few lines of code.

And for knowledge bases powered by Salesforce Service Cloud, it gets even better: GetFeedback offers a native survey component for Salesforce Lightning that lets you embed smart, mobile-friendly surveys in every knowledge article. With the Lightning component, you can:

  • Automatically add your survey to every article in your knowledge base

  • Measure the performance of individual articles

  • Trigger alerts to support managers when an article needs improvement

  • Quickly create new cases when a customer needs further assistance

Getting Started with Knowledge Base Surveys

To get started, sign up for a free trial of GetFeedback for Salesforce. If you’re already a GetFeedback customer, check out these step-by-step instructions for adding a knowledge base survey in Service Cloud.

Of course, knowledge bases are just one place your customers are going for help. To see how omnichannel feedback can take your service team to the next level, check out GetFeedback for Service Cloud.

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