What Makes an Awesome Admin Awesome?

Salesforce Admins play a critical business role, but they often fly below the radar. We asked two MVPs to tell us what makes an Awesome Admin awesome.


Jana Barrett

October 25, 2017

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So many companies run on Salesforce, it’s practically an industry unto itself. The customer success platform has 150,000 customers and over 3.75 million subscribers, making it one of the largest tech companies in the world. But Salesforce deserves applause for more than its massive growth. Over the last 18 years, the company has created a stunning 1 million jobs. One of the chief roles to emerge is the Salesforce Administrator—or the Awesome Admin.

What do Salesforce Admins do?

Salesforce Admins are basically the champions of the business-building platform. They help their companies harness the full potential of Salesforce, overseeing everything from process automation to user training. They often spend their days solving new puzzles and tackling problems too complex for the average Salesforce user. They lead by example, teach with enthusiasm, and manage complaints—all while exploring the vast depths of Salesforce.

Unsurprisingly, they’re incredible assets to their companies. They not only maximize Salesforce’s potential, but they automate and optimize internal processes that save time, money, and headaches. This exciting role has attracted tons of techies worldwide. In the last 12 months alone, more than 3,240 Salesforce Admin jobs were created and the role has grown 34% yearly.

What makes an Awesome Admin Awesome?

We asked two of our favorite Trailblazers to share their success tips for new Salesforce Admins and their companies. Meet Krystal and Vivek!

Krystal Carter Awesome Admin
Vivek Visvanathan Awesome Admin

On the qualities of an Awesome Admin…

Krystal: “At their core, an Awesome Admin has to be a problem-solver who relishes in helping others succeed. If you think about the Salesforce Ohana, it’s full of people who enjoy sharing their tips, tricks, and lessons learned in order to help other Admins along. Awesome Admins are also excellent listeners: they hear what is both said (user-verbalized pain points) and what goes unsaid (gaps in processes that users may not even realize exist) in order to craft elegant solutions that streamline processes and allow their users to be more successful! ”

Vivek: “An Awesome Admin is strategic problem-solver. They understand the business need or problem before they even think about the solutions and systems. They’re able to identify the right solution for their business, platform, and team.”

On the best resources for new Salesforce Admins…

Krystal: “When I was just entering, Salesforce barely had an Admin training course! And while the Trailblazer Community didn’t exist as it does today, there has always been an online Salesforce community full of SFDC professionals willing to share information. Thinking about it now, it’s pretty amazing how, from its beginning, Salesforce has fostered a culture of sharing best practices and knowledge across its community. Now the clear answer is Trailhead as the best resource. I’ve been in this Salesforce world for 13+ years and I still get all geeked out by Trailhead badges!”

Vivek: “Trailhead is the #1 resource for new Salesforce Admins, and the Salesforce Help Center has tons of documentation and videos. I also rely on Salesforce Premier Success for 24/7 support.”

On getting internal support…

Krystal: “The best way to get internal support is to give your internal teams a voice. Tools like GetFeedback are great for that, as are Chatter groups. Salesforce works best in an organization when end-users feel they have some ownership of the platform—like it was made with them in mind. Give your internal teams a voice and the sky is the limit.”

Vivek: “Avoid technical terms when you’re in business discussions. Focus on how you’ll overcome the larger business challenge. Make a strategic case for yourself and tie your actions to revenue and cost-savings.”

On empowering your Salesforce Admin…

Krystal: “Over the years, I’ve seen gaps in processes at other companies, I’ve seen processes that were just overly manual. I’d often go to my dev org and develop a solution for those inefficiencies. When I started Danny Kay Cloud, I was able to take many of those solutions and implement them for my team in an attempt to circumvent those same issues at DKC. Also, I believe that success should also be fun, so I try to foster a culture of fun for my employees so they continue to enjoy helping our clients solve problems; I mean just check out our titles!”

Vivek: “Business leaders should always provide background and context when executing a change or kicking off a new project. Explain the why and get your Admin on board, bought in, and committed. Also, think about the ‘Success Measures’ upfront. What does success look like and how will you get there? Admins are problem-solvers, so give them a problem to solve.”

More Admin Success Tips

1. Be proactive.

It’s easy to skip a description field or help text in lieu of time, but that just leads to more questions later. Rather than answering questions tomorrow, get proactive today. Many Admins create resources like video tutorials and troubleshooting guides to answer repeat questions and give their coworkers quick and engaging ways to learn. (VidYard is a great resource if you want to create video tutorials for your team, and they integrate with Salesforce!)

2. Never stop learning.

Salesforce can be extremely overwhelming. Don’t shy away from the glut of data or hesitate to explore new integrations. Stay on top of new features by reading release notes and joining the Release Readiness group. Explore the AppExchange and ask your community about the latest and greatest integrations.

3. Focus on professional growth.

Unlike most other roles, Salesforce Admins often fly solo, without an actual team or internal resources to help them succeed. Make sure to set personal goals and focus on your own professional growth.

4. Get active in the community.

Build strong professional ties outside your company. Join local user groups and network with other Salesforce Admins. And, of course, attend Dreamforce each year. It’s the learning and networking event of the year for the Salesforce community. If you need help convincing your boss to send you, Salesforce has some tips for that.

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