15 Fun Facts About Dreamforce [INFOGRAPHIC]

Salesforce celebrates 15 years of Dreamforce this year. Check out our #dreamfacts infographic for cool stats on the largest tech conference in the world.

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In just 30 days, thousands will flock to San Francisco for the 15th annual Dreamforce. This year promises to be a big one, with keynotes by Michelle Obama and Ashton Kutcher and over 2,700 breakout sessions to choose from. Plus, Salesforce just announced that Alicia Keys and Lenny Kravitz will rock the Dreamfest stage.

But the largest tech conference in the world wasn’t always this huge… Only 1,300 people attended the first-ever Dreamforce in 2003. To kick off the countdown, we put together a list of amazing #dreamfacts that show just how much the conference has grown in 15 years. Check ’em out below!

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15 Years of Dreamforce Facts

  • 20031,300 people attended the first-ever Dreamforce. (source: Run Consultants)

  • 2004: 100+ sessions were held. (source: Salesforce)

  • 2005: Salesforce had 15,500 paying customers by 2005. (source: Salesforce)

  • 2006: Dreamfest headliner Train has sold 10 million albums. (source: Wikipedia)

  • 2007: Keynote speaker George Lucas has been nominated for 4 Academy Awards. (sources: SalesforceWikipedia)

  • 2008: Salesforce had 1.1 million subscribers by 2008. (source: Salesforce)

  • 2009: 19,000 Salesforce customers attended. (source: ISG)

  • 2010: The winners of AppQuest received a $100,000 cash prize. (source: Salesforce)

  • 2011: This year saw a 50% year-over-year increase in attendance. (source: Salesforce)

  • 2012: 350 Salesforce Partners pitched their products. (source: TechTarget)

  • 2013: 480,000 Salesforce LIVE viewers streamed the action. (source: Salesforce)

  • 2014: 91 countries were represented. (source: Salesforce)

  • 2015: $137 million of total sales impact was brought to the Bay Area. (source: Salesforce)

  • 2016: Dreamfest headliner U2 has been received 22 Grammys. (source: Salesforce)

  • 2017: 170,000 Trailblazers will attend the 15th Dreamforce. (source: Salesforce)

Heading to Dreamforce this year?

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