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How Ticketfly Increased Agent Productivity by 250%

Ticketfly uses GetFeedback to scale its support function and improve its customer experience. Learn how the events platform boosted agent productivity.

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Nearly 10 years ago, Ticketfly entered the ticketing marketplace as a scrappy startup. Today, the San Francisco-based company works with 1,800 of the leading music, comedy, and festival venues and promoters across North America. Last year, Ticketfly processed 24 million tickets for 100,000 events and generated $600 million in gross sales. The website network receives 15 million unique visitors every month. How does Ticketfly keep a pulse on its enormous client and customer base? That’s where GetFeedback and Salesforce come in.

We sat down with Caroline Jack, Director of Product Training and Support, to understand how Ticketfly is using GetFeedback to scale its support function and improve its customer experience

Caroline Jack Headshot, Ticketfly

Caroline Jack, Director of Product Training and Support, Ticketfly

Can you tell us a bit about Ticketfly?

Ticketfly was established in 2008 and sold its first ticket in June of 2009. Our mission is to deliver the world’s most powerful live events platform. Our software and services help venues create, market, run, and analyze their events, and our consumer tools help fans discover and purchase tickets to amazing events across the U.S. and Canada. We are both a B2B and B2C business, and it’s really important that we deliver on both sides of the marketplace. At a high level, we change the way venues produce events and music fans discover events.

Ticketfly prides itself on offering the best support in the business, both for our clients and customers, which is why we’re constantly looking at ways to improve our processes and depend highly on the tools we use to do our jobs.

What is your role at Ticketfly?

I’m the Director of Training and Support at Ticketfly. My role sits within the operations team. I look after our Client & Customer Support Teams, our Client Onbaording & Product Training Team, as well as our Service Operations and Ticket Fulfillment Business.

Why did Ticketfly choose to explore a new customer feedback platform?

The ultimate driver for using GetFeedback was the need to scale our support organization. We needed a firm grasp on both client and customer feedback, and we needed to house all of that data right inside of Salesforce.

Our Client Support Team is operating on the Salesforce Service Cloud and our Customer Support Team is currently operating on Operating on 2 separate platforms meant that some of our client data was going into google spreadsheets so that customer support team could access the information they needed. Data was quickly becoming stale and ultimately this solution could not scale.

We pride ourselves on delivering the best service in our industry. And we need tools that empower us to continue to do that.

Why did you choose GetFeedback?

GetFeedback’s user interface is super clean and we loved that all surveys are optimized for mobile. Plus, it was easy to use and we could really match the look and feel to the Ticketfly brand. But the most important factor was that we could instantly push data into Salesforce.

How are you using GetFeedback today?  

We use GetFeedback to collect client information so that we can deliver top-notch customer support.

Immediately after a new client signs up with Ticketfly, they’re greeted with a welcome email that includes a personalized GetFeedback survey, asking them about their Event Terms and Policies. We then push these Event Terms and Policies right into Salesforce onto the client’s account record. This way our support agents clearly understand, and have quick access to, different client’s Event Terms and Policies when relevant support tickets pop up.

Ticketfly Event Terms and Policies

For example, a venue in San Francisco may have a different Will Call policy than a venue in Austin. Since concertgoers buy tickets through Ticketfly, they contact our customer support team with questions about upcoming shows. We need to have up-to-date client information in Salesforce so we can provide quick and accurate customer support and deliver a five-star experience.

Ticketfly Account Record

Having easy access to client terms helps us resolve support tickets the moment they arise.

In fact, since using GetFeedback to push client data into Salesforce, our support agents are 250% more efficient in identifying client terms, making a big dent in our Initial Response Time.

From a qualitative perspective, this data is helping us have more meaningful conversations with our clients and our customers.

We also just launched post-support customer and client satisfaction surveys. These are quick, contextual surveys that are triggered immediately after a support case is closed. The goal is to measure and understand support agent performance. We want to do quality assurance around our agent interactions, since they are the frontline of the Ticketfly brand.

Ticketfly CSAT

We want to know: Are our agents friendly? Helpful? Professional? If clients or customers are not satisfied with their support agent interaction, why not? This will help us adjust our agent interactions and trainings and, again, continue to improve support operations.

Since using GetFeedback, we’ve seen a 28% increase survey completion rate, which we attribute to GetFeedback’s mobile friendly, engaging surveys.

What’s the next for your customer experience program?

We have our Ticketfly Community, which is an online help platform for our clients. We currently have a GetFeedback survey embedded on our community, so that new clients can request access to the platform. We’d like to take it to the next level and create a support case when a new request comes in, so we can further streamline the new client support process.

We also plan to use merge fields to populate surveys with existing data. We’ll tell our clients “We have this information from one year ago, is this still correct?” This way we’ll know if our client data is up to date.

What excites you about Ticketfly’s feedback program?

Operational efficiency is a huge priority for us, as is the experience for our clients and customers. GetFeedback is shaping how we operate as a business and helping us deliver a seamless client and customer support experience.

When I look towards the future, I have a personal vision of drilling down even deeper into our feedback data to identify important client and customer trends that shape the way we do business. There is so much data that we can pull from our customer feedback, and we’ve only scratched the surface of what we can do with it. For example, I want to be able to say, “On average, for a client of this size, we expect to see this amount of support cases.” If a particular client has more cases than average, maybe we need to adjust our help articles or encourage the client to change their terms.

Customer experience is a hot term right now. What does CX mean to you?

To me, client experience means mapping out and clearly understanding the client journey. We need to understand every touchpoint, from when a client is a prospect to when a client has hosted hundreds of events with us. We want to understand the end-to-end experience and identify ways we can improve it.

Our clients interact with Sales, Client Relationship Owners, Product Trainers, and the Marketing Team. We’re doing a lot of work behind the scenes to surface every interaction and share information between teams, so that we can have a holistic view of the client experience.

What advice would you give to somebody who is looking to get their survey program off the ground?

Choose a feedback platform that’s easy to use, where you can quickly build surveys. If you have a vision of pushing responses back into Salesforce, start with building your survey and distributing it to a small subset of customers. Give yourself time to understand what data is coming back in, and then decide which data you want to map into Salesforce. This will allow you to be thoughtful about your survey questions and KPIs.


Ticketfly needed a way to scale their customer feedback program so they could deliver stellar support. GetFeedback for Salesforce gave the company a real-time pulse on client and customer data and satisfaction. They now have the tools to streamline and scale their processes, so they can keep evolving and growing as a business. 

See Ticketfly’s customer experience program in action.

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