6 Ways to Supercharge Your Survey Program

Are you getting the most out of your customer surveys? Here are 6 features and capabilities that can take your survey program to the next level.


Jeremiah Chua

August 31, 2018

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Surveys are an essential tool for businesses that care about connecting with their customers. And with GetFeedback, you can create branded surveys that look flawless on any device—desktop or mobile. But we know great survey design is just the first step to collecting powerful customer insights. To get the most out of your survey program, you need to think about improving engagement every step of the way.

So, here’s a look at 6 features and capabilities that swing your survey program into high gear.

1. Export a beautiful one-touch survey email

Distributing surveys via email is a very effective way to gathering customer insight. Oftentimes, companies reach out to customers through email with a link to their survey. However, did you know you could skip the link and simply embed a one-touch survey question into the email?

With our built-in survey email builder, you just choose your question, add email content, and export the HTML. In minutes, you have a beautiful survey email that’s ready to send.

By allowing respondents to answer surveys within the email, you provide a more user-friendly experience, which in turn increases survey response rates. In fact, we conducted an experiment to see how a one-touch survey email would compare to a traditional survey email.

The results? One-touch knocked it out of the park. We saw 3x survey engagement and twice as many respondents finished the entire survey. The data doesn’t lie. Make it easy for people to respond, and they will.

2. Convert more traffic with website surveys

With website surveys, you can do more than just collect feedback. You can route page visitors to the right page on your site based on their answers. For instance, if a website visitor says they’re exploring features, you can use a “thank you” page with a URL redirect to send them to your features page.

If you integrate GetFeedback and Salesforce, you can go a step further. Say a visitor has spent a few minutes on your pricing page. You can pop open a survey asking if they’d like a demo or pricing information. If they say yes, you can automatically create a new lead or update an existing contact in Salesforce.

Best of all, you can easily customize your website survey’s appearance and behavior, so you have control over the user experience. You can add a small icon in the corner or use a lightbox to get the visitor’s full attention. Plus, you can specify exactly when it appears.

Surf Air Website Survey Widget

3. Measure self-service content with knowledge base surveys

The majority of customers prefer to figure things out on their own. With self-service resources like a customer knowledge base, you can give them the power to resolve problems themselves, which reduces work on your end.

But how can you be sure your knowledge base is meeting customers’ needs? Measuring its effectiveness through a knowledge base survey can help you understand how people are engaging with your content.

By embedding a survey in every knowledge base article, your company can easily determine which resources are helpful and which need improvement. In turn, this helps reduce support tickets and improve customer satisfaction.

Pandora knowledge base article survey

4. Personalize the survey experience

Today, customers demand personalized services from brands they purchase from. Surveys are no exception. By including details in your survey questions—like the product they just bought or the support agent they worked with—you’ll make the feedback experience far more personalized and see higher response rates.

With our Salesforce integration, survey personalization has never been easier. You can use merge fields to pull in relevant details from the customer record, so your questions always contain up-to-date info. Then, combine the power of merge fields and survey logic to send each survey respondent down a customized question path.

It seems simple, but it’s highly effective. By simply showing customers that you care about their experience, you’ll guarantee better results.

happy customers - customer support survey

When customers share their thoughts, they expect you to actually do something with them. But customer feedback often sits idle because companies don’t have the processes in place to analyze and act on it. This puts customer relationships at risk and damages your credibility over time.

Say you get a low Net Promoter Score® from a customer who just signed up. They’re already a detractor, which means they’re at risk of leaving you soon. Your window to act is slim. And you miss it, because you don’t have time to review feedback every day.

With custom notifications, this situation is completely avoidable. You can create automatic email notifications so the appropriate team member is alerted as soon as negative feedback comes in. It’s just a matter of tweaking your criteria.

Custom notification on watch

When customers seek out support, they don’t want to jump through hoops to get their questions answered. The more effort a customer has to put in, the less loyal they are to your brand. If a customer has to contact support multiple times or jump from channel to channel, it will only frustrate them more.

Spotting these inefficiencies can be tricky, though. This is where Customer Effort Score (CES) comes into play. Instead of focusing on one interaction, CES looks at the bigger picture, asking customers how easy or difficult it was for them to get their issue resolved. The results can help you identify gaps in the support experience and work on improving them.

The Customer Effort Score question comes out-of-the-box in the GetFeedback survey builder. All you have to do is add it to your customer support survey and watch the insights flow in.

Customer Effort Score Survey Example


Whether you’re looking to improve your knowledge base, website content, or customer service experience, GetFeedback has you covered. We’re constantly working to improve our product and introduce features that benefit our customers.

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