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Introducing SMS Invitations

Now companies can collect real-time, quality feedback from on-the-go customers with GetFeedback's SMS survey feature: SMS Invitations.

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Collect real-time, quality feedback from on-the-go customers.

Today we’re excited to announce the newest addition to our suite of survey distribution channels: SMS. This feature helps companies connect with modern customers on their favorite channel and collect even more customer experience data, giving them the insights they need to deliver great experiences and boost loyalty.

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GetFeedback’s SMS Invitations

In today’s world, customers are on the go and hyper-connected through their mobile devices. Given this trend, it’s no surprise that customers prefer to engage with people and companies via SMS, otherwise known as text message.

In fact, 66% of consumers prefer to be reached by SMS over any other channel, and that number jumps to 75% when we’re talking about millennials. This traction carries over to customer experience initiatives, with SMS surveys garnering open rates of nearly 100% and response rates of nearly 50%. Bottom line: SMS surveys work.

When it comes to SMS surveys, there are opportunities that companies are missing out on:

  1. Companies aren’t tapping into SMS as a survey distribution channel and are completely missing a chance to connect with their customers.

  2. Companies are sending unbranded, batch and blast SMS surveys to customers, which hinders engagement.

What do SMS surveys look like at GetFeedback?

GetFeedback’s SMS survey solution, SMS Invitations, has three elements that drive quality feedback and improve the customer experience:

  1. Automation: Survey invitations are automatically sent to customers after an interaction to prompt real-time feedback while it’s top-of-mind.

  2. Integration: Data is piped back into Salesforce so companies can take immediate action on feedback.

  3. Branded Experience: Customers are greeted with sleek, branded surveys that are easy to take.

Joseph Kubon, Director of Cloud Solutions at SWBC says:

We’re excited to use SMS Invitations to communicate with our customers on a whole new channel. In today’s highly competitive market, it is crucial to demonstrate proactive concern for the customer’s opinion on a timely basis. This tool enables us to establish a connection with our customers on a platform they use and love to gather even more feedback quicker. The sooner we respond, the more they feel listened to and valued. That can only bring about positive change and a better experience for all.

Joseph Kubon, Director of Cloud Solutions, SWBC

Joseph Kubon, Director of Cloud Solutions, SWBC

So how does it work?

Simply create your invitation, connect it with Salesforce, and you’re off to the races. Here’s a step-by-step breakdown:

  1. Once you create your survey in GetFeedback, build out the content of your SMS Invitation. This is a quick greeting that invites your customer to provide feedback on a recent experience. You can identify relevant information in Salesforce, like the field that houses your recipient’s phone number, or other data you can use to filter reporting later on.

    SMS Invitations
  2. Saving this SMS Invitation will generate an outbound message in Salesforce, which you can attach to a workflow rule. This will tell GetFeedback when to send the SMS Invitation. Cruise to the bottom of this post to see some common use cases.

    Outbound Message

    Fun fact: If you make changes to your SMS Invitation later on, like editing your greeting or adding new Salesforce fields, the Outbound message will dynamically update. No need to generate a new outbound message or tinker with your workflow rule.

  3. Watch feedback roll in. Monitor responses in GetFeedback and see how SMS Invitations are performing in comparison to other distribution channels, like email.

SMS Invitations Reporting

You can also view responses in Salesforce, so you can layer it on top of CRM data and take action on feedback.

Salesforce Dashboard

Ready to see SMS Invitations in action?

When should you use SMS Invitations?

Knowing your customers are connecting with your brand on a variety of channels, around the clock, when does it make sense to leverage SMS Invitations? We recommend tapping into this channel to collect feedback after a specific interaction when you know your customers are out and about or close to their mobile device:

  • Phone Support Feedback: Immediately after you end a phone conversation with a customer, invite them to rate their service experience.

  • Purchase Feedback: Right after someone makes a purchase, either on your mobile site or in store, ask about their purchase experience.

  • Service Appointment: When a field service person concludes an in-person appointment, collect feedback on their visit.

  • Delivery Feedback: Right after your customer receives a shipment or delivery, understand if the experience met their expectations.

  • Event Feedback: Take a pulse on the attendee experience at different points throughout the event, like after someone checks in, attends a keynote, or leaves the conference.

  • Transportation Feedback: When someone concludes a flight or ride, ask about their experience.

Want to learn more?

Ready to supercharge your omnichannel feedback program and collect actionable customer experience data? Contact us for a demo and pricing.

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