Streamlining Support with Salesforce Case Forms

Salesforce case forms help streamline your support processes and give customers an easy way to get in touch. Here are 6 simple steps to creating one.


Jana Barrett

September 12, 2018

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Pretty much every business has a contact form on its website. Simple and effective, they give customers and leads an easy way to reach you. But if you’re using a traditional form that doesn’t integrate with Salesforce, you may be missing out on key data and costing your team more time and energy. The solution? Salesforce case forms.

Unlike a regular form, these handy, these “web-to-case” forms will automatically create a new Service Cloud case when customers submit questions. You can use simple rules to fill in case fields and set case priority automatically too. Even better, it can double as a contact form and a lead gen form, creating new leads or updating existing contacts in Salesforce.

Here’s a quick look at how you can build a Salesforce case form with GetFeedback.

Creating a Salesforce Case Form

1. Connect GetFeedback with Salesforce.

2. Create your new survey, and navigate to “Mappings > Salesforce Custom Mappings” to select your desired Salesforce org(s) from the drop-down menus. If using multi-language surveys, make sure your survey is in Draft mode to see these options.

4. The business hours ID used to route your case is required. Find the appropriate ID via Salesforce Setup > Company Settings > Business Hours. Your Business Hours ID will be in the URL. Contact Salesforce Support for assistance identifying your Business Hours ID.

5. Be mindful to include the fields your support team needs to properly respond to the support case. Some ideas include form fields indicating the help category (general questions, tech support, billing, etc.), how the customer wants to be contacted (email reply versus callback via phone), and urgency/priority.

6. When finished adding any required fields, click Done. GetFeedback will build your form.

Getting Started with Salesforce Case Forms

Integrating your support “entry points” with your CRM is key. It cuts down on manual data entry, simplifies support processes, and gives customers a quicker route to answers. All in all, this creates a better experience for your customers.

Web-to-case forms are available to customers on certain GetFeedback for Salesforce plans. Want to get started? Contact us to learn more.

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