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Introducing GetFeedback for Salesforce Chat

Now companies can seamlessly integrate elegant surveys at the end of their live chat conversations and collect real-time, contextual customer feedback.

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A Seamless Way to Get Immediate Post-Chat Feedback

Today, we’re excited to launch GetFeedback for Salesforce Chat. With this feature, companies can seamlessly integrate elegant surveys at the end of their live chat conversations, helping them collect real-time, contextual customer feedback.

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Modern customers not only want real-time support, they also want to give real-time feedback. In fact, a recent Salesforce Research report notes that 80% of business buyers expect companies to respond and interact with them in real time. This type of interaction can occur across varying distribution channels at different touchpoints throughout the customer journey.

With Salesforce Chat, formerly known as Live Agent, support teams can provide real-time live chat support that is efficient and effective; but this is only half the battle. Support teams must also understand how customers perceive these interactions so they can measure key performance metrics, like Customer Satisfaction or Customer Effort, and course correct when a customer is dissatisfied.

The problem is most companies with a customer feedback program are using traditional survey tools that offer an outdated user experience and solicit feedback at the wrong time, in the wrong place. Responses are also disconnected from their CRM platform, making it impossible to take proper action. Even worse, some companies aren’t collecting feedback at all. Scary, huh?

By forgoing immediate feedback in the live chat window, companies neglect the opportunity to collect valuable top-of-mind feedback, service teams have blind spots in their organization, and customers experience an abrupt, dated interaction as seen here. Eeschk.

live chat Getfeedback for Salesforce Chat

That’s why we built GetFeedback for Salesforce Chat.

With GetFeedback for Salesforce Chat, you collect real-time customer feedback through beautiful, branded surveys that appear directly in a Salesforce Chat window. Customer responses are provided in context and pushed into Salesforce to yield actionable insights that boost agent productivity. Additionally, this modernizes the customer’s chat interaction and improves the end-to-end customer service experience.

Brett Frazer, head of customer service at Sun Basket, says:

Sun Basket values both the voice of our customers and their time so we’re utilizing GetFeedback for Salesforce Chat as an opportunity to continuously evolve our service program. This feature helps us collect real-time, contextual feedback so we can take immediate action to improve the customer experience and boost agent performance. Plus, we believe it will bolster our survey responses and we’re eager to see those results. Let’s face it, a true omnichannel feedback program means listening to your customers on the channels that work best for them and GetFeedback gives us the tools we need to make this happen.

Brett Frazer, head of customer Service, Sun Basket

At GetFeedback, we like to drink our own champagne, which is why our support organization has also implemented surveys for Salesforce Chat. Since using the feature, we’ve seen an immediate impact on survey engagement. Our post-chat survey response rate is 35% higher than our traditional email survey response rate. This shows us that customers prefer to give feedback in context, while it’s top of mind, right at the end of our chat conversations.

So, how does it work? Our integration is seamless and implementation is a cinch.

1. Once you build your customer feedback survey, simply attach it to a Salesforce Chat button from our suite of distribution channels. This will automatically populate the survey in a post chat window.

live chat getfeedback for Salesforce Chat

2. When a customer submits feedback, that real-time response data is instantly pushed to your chosen Salesforce Object.

3. Response data is then readily available for action in Salesforce reports and dashboards. Leverage this data to bolster your customer support programs, boost support productivity, and forge deeper customer relationships.

Pro-tip: GetFeedback for Salesforce Chat isn’t limited to service teams. This tool may also be used in the pre-sales process to answer product questions and move prospects down the funnel more quickly.

Want to learn more?

  • Check out our demo video to see GetFeedback for Salesforce Chat in action.

  • Get into the weeds with our Knowledge Base article.

  • Read more with our live chat guide.

Ready to improve your post-chat experience and turn survey results into action? Contact us for a demo and pricing.

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