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Introducing GetFeedback Text Analytics

GetFeedback Text Analytics examines open-ended feedback in real time and surfaces the keywords and phrases that matter most, so you can spot trends faster.

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Some of the most valuable customer feedback comes in the form of open-ended comments. It’s the feedback that doesn’t fit neatly into a number rating or multiple choice answer— the comments your customers go out of their way to share with you. This open-ended feedback is essential if you want a clear picture of your customer experience, but digging through comments one by one is hardly scalable. In order to analyze and act on a huge volume of customer comments, you need a better way.

Today we’re excited to announce a powerful new feature within GetFeedback’s real-time dashboards: Text Analytics. Text Analytics gives you an organized, actionable, high-level view of customer sentiment and commentary. You get a firm grasp on open-ended feedback and the data you need to make informed business decisions.

Empower your team to act on every piece of feedback.

GetFeedback Text Analytics examines customer comments in real time and surfaces the keywords and phrases that matter most. You have complete control over how the Text Analytics data is filtered—by sentiment, frequency, or recent trending terms. The end result is a high-level summary of your open-ended feedback, which surfaces key topics and helps you zero in on what matters.

Text Analytics
  • CUT THROUGH THE NOISE: Effortlessly distill comments and uncover the feedback that matters most

  • SPOT ISSUES AND TRENDS IN REAL TIME: Pinpoint trends the moment they arise

  • TAKE IMMEDIATE ACTION ON INSIGHTS: Arm your team with actionable data and address issues before it’s too late

  • COLLECT MORE DATA IN LESS TIME: Build the foundation for an automatic, scalable customer feedback program

GetFeedback’s Text Analytics is highly innovative. We now can spot trends among our customer’s feedback and take immediate action to improve customer happiness.

Ardy Zandian, Sr. Online Marketing Manager, Eargo

Ardy Zandian, Eargo

Act smarter and faster with out-of-the-box dashboards.

We’ve created pre-built Text Analytics dashboards, so you can spend less time building and more time acting on feedback. Just choose the comment question you want to analyze and watch your feedback data take shape in beautiful, out-of-the box dashboards.

GetFeedback Tile-Bundles

Plus, we’ve rolled out day and night mode within our dashboards, so you can see your data in exactly the right light.

GetFeedback Day-n-Night

Leveraging Google Technology for spot-on insights.

We’re leveraging Google technology to make sure our text analysis is always on point. GetFeedback Text Analytics uses Google Cloud Platform’s Natural Language API to pull insights from unstructured text. The powerful platform helps make your dashboards even more robust.

Want to supercharge your feedback with Text Analytics?

Please visit our knowledge base to learn more about Getting Started with Text Analytics and Understanding and Editing Text Analytics Tiles. Text Analytics is now available as an add-on for GetFeedback for Salesforce CX and Corporate plans— please contact our success team to request access.

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