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Introducing GetFeedback Analytics

GetFeedback Analytics unlocks the power of your survey data. With real-time dashboards, you can track and share the metrics that matter most.

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Feedback can take your company to the next level—as long as you do something meaningful with it. Today we’re announcing GetFeedback Analytics: real-time dashboards that deliver the insights you need to take action.

Power your insights with real-time survey analytics.

GetFeedback Analytics unlocks the power of your survey data. In each elegant dashboard, you can mix and match questions from multiple surveys. This puts your most important metrics in one place.

No more scraping survey results to piece together a picture. Now you get a clear, shareable view that makes in-depth analysis simple.

GetFeedback Analytics dashboards

Dashboards update in real time, so your team can stay on top of key feedback and metrics, like customer service satisfaction and Net Promoter Score®. Add a new tile to begin tracking team performance in a new way.

Survey data will take shape in dynamic graphs and charts that reflect the latest responses as soon as they arrive.

GetFeedback Analytics NPS

The peaks and valleys can alert you to performance changes before they impact business.

Use filters to slice and dice survey data.

To take a deeper dive, filter dashboard tiles by the time of response, specific answers, or Salesforce merge fields. Filtered tiles help reveal patterns that may be dependent on the time period or the respondent.

For example, a filter using the “Country” or “State” merge field from your Salesforce customer record will show you survey responses from that region only. You can even filter by response (like people who answered “No” to question 5) to add more context to the results.

From there, it’s much easier to identify and act on the trends you spot. An increase or decline in key metrics can be understood through individual customer comments.

For instance, a Net Promoter Score tile might show steady improvement over the last 90 days. You can examine that trend by adding a tile to filter for positive responses.

GetFeedback Analytics service dashboard

With more context behind your survey results, you can draw powerful insights from your data.

Build dashboards for specific teams, roles & initiatives.

GetFeedback Analytics makes it easy to build dashboards for any audience. Different teams rely on different data, so it makes sense to tailor dashboards for specific functions.

Design one for each team or initiative and you’ll soon have unique snapshots of every department and duty.

GetFeedback Analytics

This level of personalized insight helps companies make more strategic, data-driven decisions.

See what your survey data can do.

Visit to learn more or start a free trial. Current GetFeedback Enterprise customers and GetFeedback for Salesforce customers can access Analytics dashboards through their accounts. If you’re interested in exploring Analytics but you’re not on an eligible plan, drop us a line.

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