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Website Surveys give you all the power of a GetFeedback survey, and they can live anywhere on your site. Engage more web visitors—no coding required.


Keith Weissglass

June 21, 2017

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If your website was hosting a dinner party, would your visitors enjoy the conversation? Most websites do a whole lot of talking, but they never let their audience get a word in edgewise. That can send valuable customers and prospects walking…. rather than sticking around for dessert.

When you make it easy for web visitors to tell you what they need, you can better connect with them. But most companies struggle to create an effective feedback route on their websites. First off, it might mean implementing new software. And on top of that, once they get feedback from visitors, they have to do something with it. As a result, many companies end up adding outdated web forms to their sites and following up on contact as best they can. It’s almost worse than not asking for feedback in the first place.

To help you solve both problems without buying yet another software tool, we built Website Surveys. With Website Surveys, you can turn any survey into an interactive widget or lightbox on your website. You get all the power of a GetFeedback survey on any page of your website without writing a single line of code.

Surf Air Website Survey Widget

Luxury airline company Surf Air collects flyer feedback once a flight is completed

Putting Website Surveys to Work

The web is a dynamic distribution channel for surveys. Since you can ask for feedback in the context of other web content, there are a variety of benefits you get from using them:

  • Engage visitors: Keep visitors browsing by prompting them with a content offering or special discount.

  • Conduct research: Get to know your audience with brief research surveys. You can gain valuable marketing insights with just a couple questions.

  • Capture leads: Add a Salesforce-enabled form to your site to turn more website visitors into contacts or leads.

  • Create support tickets: Add a “Get Help” widget on your knowledge base or contact page. Submissions can automatically create new cases in Salesforce, saving your support team time.

  • Collect feedback: Ask customers and prospects what they want to see on your website. If a page is underperforming, they might just tell you why.

With Website Surveys, you can control where and when a survey appears. Add it to a single webpage, a section of your website, or every page. You can also control the subtlety: add a small icon in the bottom corner of your page, pop up a modest form, or launch a prominent lightbox that your visitors can’t ignore.

Like any other GetFeedback survey, you can style Website Surveys to match your website’s look and feel. You can also take advantage of all GetFeedback question types and survey logic.

Campaign Monitor Website Widget

Email Marketing company Campaign Monitor routes website visitors to sales or support

Once you’ve enabled Website Surveys for your domain, each survey can be configured directly from your GetFeedback account. This means you can launch new surveys and make changes without relying on your web developer.

Website Surveys are available now on GetFeedback for Salesforce plans. Learn how to enable Website Surveys on our knowledge base.

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