Get the Full Picture with Image Upload Survey Questions

With the Image Upload question type, you can capture visual feedback from customers in any GetFeedback survey. Here are some ideas for putting it to use!


Keith Weissglass

June 26, 2017

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When most people think “surveys,” they picture a page filled with multiple choice bubbles—strongly agree, not applicable. And for good reason. Despite all our technological advances, most customer surveys are merely digital replications of the old-fashioned paper questionnaire.

For measuring some things, that’s okay. But you can’t distill every question into a five-point scale or multiple choice answer. When your customer reports issues with your product, asking them to describe the damaged product in detail means more of a hassle for them—and less valuable feedback for you.

In this situation, what you really want is to see what your customer is seeing. And now you can!

Introducing Image Upload

With the new Image Upload question type, you can capture visual feedback from customers inside any GetFeedback survey. Rather than asking your customer to spell it out, they can just snap a photo from their phone (or upload an image from their computer).

When your customer responds to an Image Upload question, the photo is saved in GetFeedback just like any other answer. For GetFeedback for Salesforce customers, a link to that image can also be pushed to Salesforce, so you can save the image directly on a case or contact record.

There are lots of interesting ways you can use photos as feedback. Here are just a few.

Document Product Issues

Image upload makes it easy for customers or field staff to document product issues, right from inside a GetFeedback survey. Just ask your customers to snap a photo of the problem, then submit through the survey. You can quickly wrap your head around the issue and start working on a fix.

Visual documentation doesn’t just help your support team. It also gives your product or delivery team the visual they need to spot trends and address issues that are impacting profit margins.

Submit Claims

For teams that regularly ask customers or clients to document evidence, image upload can significantly accelerate the claims process and save staff time. When a new case is opened, automatically send a survey to your client. They can submit photographic evidence from anywhere to demonstrate the need and quickly move the case forward.

Capturing visual evidence also simplifies reporting and auditing. By capturing photos through a standardized process, you get visual proof if it’s ever needed. You can even use multiple choice questions to categorize the problem and location first, then ask for photo evidence.

Insurance Claim on iPhone

For example, a client can document their car accident

Insurance Claim

And attach the photograph to their insurance claim survey, putting all claim information in one place

Plan and Verify Field Service Work

Avoid wasted service calls that cost valuable staff time and leave customers frustrated. Ask for customers to submit a photo of the work site, and dispatchers can accurately estimate the work before sending a technician. This saves time and energy for everyone.

Surveys can also give field service staff a quick way to verify their work on site. They can record successful delivery, installation, or repair work and submit photos to document it all. Using custom notifications, you can even trigger an email to a manager when photos are submitted so they can keep tabs.

Image Upload iPhone

For example, a field representative can snap a photo of inventory

Then quickly upload the image to their onsite checklist survey, giving headquarters instant visibility into product placement

Getting Started with Image Upload

The image upload question type is available now to all GetFeedback customers. To get started, add a new question to any survey and select “Image Upload.”

For an overview of every way you can collect feedback, check out our overview of survey question types.

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