How to Use Online Surveys to Re-Engage With Customers

Use online surveys to rekindle the relationship that was once there with your customers.


Grace Carter

February 6, 2019

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Are you struggling with the knowledge that there are many customers who have stopped engaging with your brand? Many businesses are. And they keep wondering what went so wrong that their once engaged customer completely stopped responding to their campaigns, emails and so on.

Well, there is a way to find out and at the same rekindle the relationship that was once there. You can use online surveys. These effective, simple tools are there to help you go through your list of customers and decide which ones you still have a shot with and which are not coming back.

Here are some tips on building effective online surveys that will work.

Online survey tip 1: establish a new wave of trust

In order to reconnect, you can’t just ask them to tell you what went wrong. What’s the point? What are they getting out of it?

If the users don’t see a benefit for themselves there, they will most likely not engage with you on any level.

So, include a special offer just for them. For instance, offer a discount if they answer a question or a free gift with their next purchase.

This will not only give you some insight, but it will also help the user love your business once more. You get the best of both worlds.

Make sure that all of your surveys are well-written and polished before you send them out. For this, you should use Academized, Paperfellows, and Stateofwriting.

Online survey tip 2: execute your promises effectively

Another smart way to re-engage old customers is to ask them questions about their experience. Not just what bothered them, but various details as well: how fast was their service, which products or services do they want to see and so on.

However, this will not be enough. You have to let them know that their comments and their contribution will help you change things in your business. Allow them to see that your company relies on their opinion and that you will change things because this would mean that their participation matters. Combining all of this with a reward, you can secure an answer and re-engagement.

Online survey tip 3: reformat your messages

If the format of your message isn’t right, you are not likely to get an answer. However, with some reformatting, you can get the answer you need.

Make the questions shorter and have less of them. Less than five is always good. Put yourself in your users’ shoes. They don’t have the time or will to answer all those questions. Asking a few short, specific and focused questions can help you get the right answers and have more people answer your questions.

Online survey tip 4: directness is always a good option

You, of course, know that competition exists and that they offer similar products. Don’t be afraid to mention that in your re-engagement campaign.

Ask them questions about their opinion on what the competition does versus what you do, how you could improve to match their needs more and so on. This is the best way to get hands-on information on what the competition is doing that you could use as well.

Online survey tip 5: make sure you do the basics properly

This includes the following:

  1. Invite them to join your community: By allowing your customers to join your community, you are doing wonders for your reach and you are creating an opportunity for yourself to survey them, offer content, exclusives and really make them feel like they are gaining a lot of value from being a part of your community.

  2. Reach out in a big way: Jodie Pimento, a marketer at Boomessays and Essayroo, says: 

“More and more companies are doing this kind of reach out where they write a highly personalized email to their past clients and they ask them to accept a phone call from them. This phone call is usually handled by a trusted employee. Once the phone call is scheduled, the employee will create a series of questions that will help them determine what exactly went wrong and how the client thinks that they should fix it.”

  1. Let them join your customer advisors: Invite members of your community who have tuned out to become a part of your customer advisory board. There are numerous benefits to having this as a part of your strategy and your old customers are some of the best sources of information. They will also reconnect and feel better about your brand.

  2. Create a promo that will win them back: Have you offered your old customers a promo that can win them back? Exclusive discounts just for them, gifts and specialized offers are excellent at helping old customers return to your fan base.

  3. Create a loyalty program or campaign: Brandon Whitaker, customer support manager at OXEssays and UKWritingssays: 

“Customer loyalty is really important nowadays and it’s always a great way to re-engage with some past customers – offer specialized and exclusive gifts, discounts and opportunities.” 

A final word on online surveys

If you want to re-engage with past customers, one of the best ways to do that is through surveys that convinces them that you truly care about their experience and needs. Combining that with special offers like discounts as a reward for their assistance and inviting them to rejoin your community is a good way to win them back. Follow these tips to do it perfectly.  

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